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Review of the etrailer Hitch Cargo Carrier on a 2018 Jeep Cherokee

Today on our 2018 Jeep Cherokee, we're gonna be test-fitting the 24x62 eTrailer Cargo Carrier and that's gonna be part number e98872. If we take a look at some of these features, we're gonna see it's a nice basket-style cargo carrier. You can have this nice side railing that goes all the way around our cargo carrier and it's kind of a nice secure feature for hauling your cargo. If you put it down in, this side rail's gonna protect it from falling off the side and also you're gonna have these pre-drilled holes all around the side railing to be able to secure your cargo in there with either bungee straps or bungee cords or any type of other straps you would like to use.The flooring has a nice mesh shape to it, which is gonna make it easier for cleaning for those days where you might have come back from a trip with a ton of muddy gear and you haul it home on this. You can easily spray it off with a hose and it's ready to go for next time. It has a nice steel ...

a sturdy steel construction to it and a nice black powder coat finish, which means it's gonna be corrosion resistant. The weight capacity for it is 500 pounds, but you wanna be sure to double check the manual for your hitch and your vehicle to make sure both the tongue of your hitch and the vehicle can handle that weight, also keeping in mind that the cargo carrier itself does weight 60 pounds.A neat feature about this cargo carrier is that it can fold up, like so, to provide even more security for your items that you're hauling if you so choose to. Keep in mind, it does take up that amount of space that you could use to haul more cargo but if you do have a minimal amount of stuff you wanna haul, you can store it in the platform that's still open and then you can even use bungee cords to pull these two trays together and secure it even more into your cargo carrier. It also does fold into itself for more storage purposes, like so. You simply pull that pin right there on both sides.

And when you have it removed from your vehicle, if you wanna store it, it also does fold up suitcase-style. I can show you how it does that.We're gonna have this black tab right here. We're gonna pull it up. It loosens the bolt and we can fold it up suitcase-style like that. It does fold up on both sides, like this, and once you tighten that down, you can also fold it up to the shank and it's gonna make it very nice for storage purposes.

Unlike a lot of other cargo carriers of this size that can't really fold up, it makes it really nice to store it when you're not in use. But for now, we're gonna fold it back down, so I can show you some other features.This cargo carrier does fold up to your vehicle for those times where you might be out and about and you wanna conserve some space, but before I do that, I wanna show you guys how far this hangs off . or how far this sticks out from your vehicle. If we go from the back of our vehicle .. all the way ...

or we're go under. All the way out to the rear of our cargo carrier, we're gonna see that we're adding on about 44.5 inches onto the back of our vehicle. And for ground clearance, because of our slightly raised shank, we're gonna have a bit more clearance in that aspect at about 21.5 inches there. Like I said, this cargo carrier can fold up towards your vehicle to eliminate some of that space taken up on the end of your vehicle.We're simply gonna remove this pin and clip. We'll come to the back of our cargo carrier and fold it up, and then replace our pin and clip, like so. And now if we measure again, we're gonna see from the back of our bumper to the outermost part of our cargo carrier, it's gonna be about 18 inches, which is a pretty big difference from when it was folded down. So, like I said, for any of those close quarter situations, parking in your garage or maybe out in about in the town, you do wanna keep that in mind.If we come and take a look at how it's connected to our hitch, we're gonna see we have a two inch hitch receiver right here and an anti-rattle bolt that comes through the hitch receiver, through the shank, and then back out the other side. Once you tighten that down, that's gonna prevent the cargo carrier from moving independently from the vehicle and, obviously, we have a clip on the other side. If you wish, you can purchase an anti-rattle bolt with a lock on it at if you wanna be sure for security purposes that there is no type of theft occurring on your cargo carrier. And there you have it for the 24x62 eTrailer Cargo Carrier on our 2018 Jeep Cherokee.

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