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High Altitude Jet for 3,200-Watt etrailer Generator Review

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Review of the High Altitude Jet for 3,200-Watt etrailer Generator

Now, to get into the generator, what we're going to do is remove our maintenance cover here. We've got four machine screws, I'm going to take these out, and then we're also going to take off the air filter cover on the end there. To get this cover off, it's just going to be six screws, fill ups again. Those screws out, you just pull that out of the way. We've got our air filter cover right here, just a couple clips from the top and the bottom there. Pull that off, take the element out.

Now we can take that cage out.Now, at that point, we'll have the metal housing there. You can see there's two nuts that are inside there. These are going to use a 10 millimeter socket. We want to take those off. On the side, we're going to have two tubes that we want to take out.

We've got the smaller diameter here, larger diameter there. We'll take this off, like that.Now we can take the carb. You can see how we can slide that out a little bit. It's going to give us access to the bolt bowl. If you haven't already done so, loosen up the screw.

It'll allow any excess gas to drain out or you could just put a towel or rag underneath it if you want. We're going to take that bolt all the way out. You see our bolt is going to loosen up there. This little red gasket on the bolt, you see that there.. want to make sure that we hang on to that inaudible 00:02:08.I want to slide this carb all the way off just like that, if you rotate it we can see our jet right there.

And we want a screwdriver that very tightly, fits our slot in there. And we'll just break loose and unthread it. We'll have our old jet, we want to hang on to this, of course. Unless we plan on operating this at a high elevation indefinitely. This time we can just grab our new jet inaudible 00:02:54 make sure we get it started properly. We'll thread it in until it bottoms out, and then just snug it down. This don't have to be overly tight, remember we are dealing with Brass here so its a soft metal.Now it's time just to slide our carb back on, make sure we don't have anything caught up behind it there. Air seal down, put our gasket back on. And this is a. Air seal here did rip a little bit, it should be in good shape. If not, we could always use a little bit of gasket maker and seal it up. Now while it's still out slightly, let's get our bolt put back in place.Now with your jet, when you talk about that, you are also going to get the seal to go in there. You can see this has come off real nice and clean, and the seal didn't have any Nicks or damage to it. So I'm going to leave that within there. I'm going to keep my other one as a backup seal in case I ever have any issues, I would recommend you doing that as well or you can replace it, but if it's been sealed and it's been working, there's really no need to do it. But whether you change it or whether you don't. Need to get our bolt back in the bottom here, we're going to snug that down. Remember that little red seal that we talked about needs to be on there.Alright, We can put the air filter housing back on. I'm going to re-secure that with those two nuts we took off. That's out of the way the elemental go back in, our cover's going to go back in. We just bring these clips down and around here. Let me pull into this, all right, now we'll go through, put our two covers back on and it'll be ready to go for you. All right, once we have the four of these back end, the six on the end we're rejetted and ready to run our generator to get that more efficiency back out of it, make sure it runs the way we want it to..

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