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Comparison of the Exterior Windshield and Wiper Blade Covers

Colin: Hey, guys. It's Colin here at etrailer, and as you can see, it's snowing here at etrailer. So we're going to go ahead and test out some of the's windshield covers. We've got two different sized vehicles pulled up. Our blue one right here is going to be for your bigger vehicles so we're going to get it installed on our truck, and we got one that's going to fit a lot of your crossovers and sedans like we have right here. So let's get them installed, come back in a few hours and see how they do.And also with our large cover, we're going to throw a second one onto our motor home right here and see how it does.Well, we've gone ahead and let some snow collect on our covers for about five or six hours.

We'll just see how they did. So when you take it off, we'll just slip this flap out, careful not to let any snow get inside your vehicle. Take this strap off the mirror. Then, as you can see when I lift it up, our windshield is very clean right now. It's even covering our windshield wipers so the snow didn't even touch those and freeze against our windshield.

So they're going to be operational if we need them. Just like if it's still snowing right now and I needed to leave work. Well, then my windshield wipers aren't going to freeze to my windshield and kind of grind up against them with the ice.I'm going to go ahead and shake it off so we can take a closer look at the cover. You can see the snow comes off pretty nice. Some of it does stick to it.

So if you have some kind of a towel or something you can put in your trunk so if you're at work and you need to take it off, you can just wrap it up, set it on that towel, let it dry off when you get home.It's got a really nice weather resistant polyester construction. It's going to hold up well over time. A couple of years of use because, honestly, depending on where you live, you only need it for a couple of months. Especially living in the Midwest like here where we get snow only a couple months out of the year.But one thing I do like about this cover is that it's just very nice and simple. It's got a sleek design, too.

It's not one of those covers that kind of looks like a trash bag on your windshield; it gets all wrinkly and stuff which kind of collects more snow when you take it off. The anchors inside the windows is a nice touch as well. Not only is it going to help keep the cover in place, but it's also a great theft deterrent so that no one can come up and just take the cover off of your windshield because those anchors are going to be inside your vehicle.Now we'll come over here to our 2-in-1 cover and take a look at it as well. I'm going to take this strap off, the nice elastic straps. The strap is great for even getting around our long towing mirrors right here. So if you got bigger trucks like this, that strap's going to be able to get around it. We'll just pop that anchor out so we can take the cover off. And again, when I lift it up, you can definitely see that our windshield, and all that snow just slid off onto our hood. You can see that our windshield is completely clean. It does have some water on it, but that's not a big deal. Our wiper blades we're covered by this one as well, so we can use our blades while we're driving through this snow.Now one thing that's pretty cool about both of these covers is that you don't have to just use them for snow and icy days like we have today. If you got days during the year when it's going to be pretty hot outside or the sun's going to be beating down on your car, this is something you can put on your windshield to help keep heat out of the outside of your vehicle, and it will help prevent your dash from cracking and fading over time, especially if you're frequently leaving your vehicle outside in those sunny days.Now, while we're talking about being able to use the cover for both situations, one thing I want to point out is that if you're going to use the 2-in-1 cover for those days, you want to switch it to this silver side right here. That'll just help reflect the sun rays a lot better than the black cover will over there. Then in the winter time, you can see the blue color over here is what's helping keep all that snow and ice off of our windshield. We're also going to have anchors over on this cover, so when you're getting it installed, just get that inside your vehicle. And you can see right here, even if I pull up on it, it's not coming out. That object that's inside the anchor's going to help be a great theft deterrent and make sure that no extreme winds can take our cover off of our windshield.All in all, both of these covers really get the job done. You saw that they kept the snow completely off of our windshield. That helps us. That prevents us from having to come out here, start our vehicles up 25 minutes early so our windows can defrost while the car is warming up. We don't have to take an ice scraper out and try to scrape all of that ice off. We just need the brush to get it off of the sides and our back windshield. Just saves a lot of time, a lot of hassle from having to stand out in the cold like we are right now.Now, like I've been saying, they're both going to get the job done. If I really had to choose one, I personally would lean more towards the Snoblock over here. I just like the way it looks on my vehicle a little bit more. One thing I will point out is that with our Snoblock right here, it came right off of our windshield, whereas the 2-in-1 windshield cover over there did stick a little bit to the windshield. There was no ice or anything underneath it, but that snow did kind of seep through and cause it to stick to the windshield so you kind of had to peel up a little bit. There's no damage to the windshield at all, but that's just something I want to point out. But one thing I do want to say that I think both covers do a great job of, you don't see this too often with windshield covers, is that they cover up your wiper blades.I know I've already said that, but I just think it's a really great feature to make sure that days like this where it's still snowing but you got to leave work, you want to be able to have operational windshield wipers. You don't want them to be frozen to your windshield when you're trying to clear it off while you're driving.However, even though I would choose a Snoblock, that's because it's on my car currently and it fits very well. But with the owner of this truck right here, we found that that etrailer cover over there doesn't necessarily fit as well as the 2-in-1 cover does right here. So if you've got a bigger vehicle, a truck, big SUV, I would probably lean more towards this cover right here just because it might fit your application a little bit better, give you more coverage.Another great thing about the 2-in-1 cover is that it's also good for these smaller motor homes right here. So in case you're traveling cross country and you're going to encounter a snow storm, you're going to stay overnight, you can go ahead and just slap this on there so that when you wake up in the morning to drive more, the windshield's not going to be completely covered. Again, does the same great job that it did on our truck over there. Let's go ahead and just pull it off for you so you can see. See, no snow and ice accumulated, so we're good to hit the road whenever.Now, just a quick recap if you just need kind of a guideline to choose which cover is gonna best work for you. If you've got a bigger truck or SUV or even a small motor home, the 2-in-1 cover is going to be your best option. Whereas if you've got a smaller sedan, crossover, or something like that, you can use both covers. Personally, I would lean more towards the Snoblock.Well, thank you all watching. I hope this information helped you out. That'll do it for our look at's two windshield covers.

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