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Review of the etrailer Electric Jack with Footplate

Speaker 1: Today we're going to be taking a look at the Etrailer Electric Jack with Footplate designed for use on A-frame trailers. This offers 25 and 1/8 of an inch of lift and a 3500 pound capacity. In black, the part number is EJ-3520-BBX and in white, it's part number EJ-3520-WBX.Now an electric A-frame jack like this is going to take a lot of the work out of hooking it up and disconnecting your trailer. With these big enclosed trailers, campers and even utility trailers, it can be quite heavy. Getting a manual jack, the operator lifting it up to your ball, it's just not very feasible.With this, we're able to very quickly and easily adjust the height up and down. When connected to either our vehicle or to a 12 volt power source inside our trailer.

Now on the front of the jack, you're going to have two buttons to operate it. One will be for up and down. The other's going to be for the light. Now this can be pretty handy. We've got a lens here on the bottom that shines right down on our coupler, and also out towards our vehicle so we can make our wiring connections pretty easy.Now the cover on the jack's designed to shield it from any kind of moisture or anything like that.

As the rain comes down, it hits, it's going to run off, we've got our seam around the bottom side here so we shouldn't have to worry about that moisture getting in. Also you've got a cap here, you're gonna turn it and lift up. It allows you to access the emergency override. Now in the event that you don't have a power supply or maybe your trailer's battery is going dead, we can take the provided handle, place it down and on and easily raise or lower our trailer so we can still make our connection.Now as you can see, the jack's designed to really give you a lot of lift on the front side of your trailer. So this can help with run-off and drainage on the backs so things don't sit on top.

And something else you'll like, when it gets to it's fully extended position, it just stops, we don't have to worry about overdoing it.With it in this position, we'll get a bracket height measurement that'll be right up to that mounting surface. It's going to be about 33 and 3/4 of an inch. So if we retract our footplate, that'd be closer to that 28 and 1/2 inch mark.We see fully retracted with that leg extended. We're at about 14 and 1/2, 14 and 5/8, so if we subtract the drop leg, it puts us at about 9. Now the outer tube of our jack and the plate are going to have a black powder coat finish.

While the inner tube or pinning clip and drop leg are going to have the zinc finish. Both of those are going to be great at resisting corrosion.Now not only does this drop leg help to save us some wear and tear on our jack and also us some time, but it also helps to spread the energy or the force of that jack out over a greater area. This can be really important when we're on softer surfaces and prevent it from sinking into the ground.Now another measurement to keep in mind will be from the top of our bracket here to the very top of our jack, we've got about 20 and 1/2 to 20 and 5/8 of an inch. You just want to make sure if you have anything overhanging, you've got enough room for that to fit in.Now to begin your jack installation of course, you'll want to remove your old jack. Save the hardware with that though. The jack doesn't come with it, so you'll want to have that handy. Then we'll just remove our footplate here, set to the side and we'll be ready to drop our tube down through. Now this is a two and a quarter inch outside diameter tube. So you just want to ensure that your holes large enough to accommodate that, and you should have your triangle shape bolt pad in there. It's pretty standard on A-frame trailers. It's going to bring that right down through and line those up.Now if you don't have hardware already existing or if you need to replace it if yours is damaged, you just want to ensure that you're using a 3/8 inch diameter bolt that needs to be at least a grade five. As long as you meet those requirements, you'll be in good shape. You see ours had a lock washer on it. I'm gonna keep that and then we're gonna place on our flat washer. The flat washer's provided with the jack as well as the star washer. That's gonna go underneath that flat washer. When we tighten it down, it's gonna penetrate that paint, so we get a good ground. We're going to do that in all three of our locations. Now we're going to torque our fasteners down to the specifications listed in the instructions.Now once we've got our jack nice and secure, we now are going to move onto wiring it up. You'll see they give you a good length of wire here. What I like to do is run this along with my seven pole. You can there are a couple zip ties already on there. It really uses many zip ties as you need to keep everything nice and secure.Now you can get power for this from two ways. If you're using it on a camper or an enclosed trailer, something that already has a battery on board, you can just run this to your battery. It's going to be grounded here so everything should work as long as your battery is grounded. If not, if you don't have an on-board battery, you can do it right off the power coming through your vehicle through your seven pole plug. Ours runs to a junction box. The wire coming out of the junction box is here and that'll provide the power that we need when we're hooked up. So, if you have the option to hook it up to the battery, I recommend doing that, then you'll always have power. If you don't have a battery on-board, you'll only have power to the jack when this is plugged into a truck with a working 12 volt power outlet or any vehicle for that matter with a working 12 volt power plug coming out of it.Now the extra wire, I've just coiled up here at the base of the jack, really keeps it out of the way, not really too much of an issue, and then you'll have extra if you ever need to change it or make any modifications. We're going to run that to our power wire here. So let's cut them off to the appropriate length. We're going to get both sides of that stripped back and we're going to use a butt connector to connect 'em, this is part number DW05745. It's a heat shrink butt connector. Since this is going to be out in the elements, it's a good idea to use the heat shrink just to protect it from the moisture. Got both sides of that crimped down, and then we'll use a heat gun, a mini-torch or a lighter and get that shrank. Just going to apply a little heat at a time here and you'll see that start to shrink down around the wire. Once you have it fully shrank, almost looks like your wire magnifies a little bit.Now we'll just use a couple more zip ties. Make sure our wires are nice and tight so they don't get hung on anything. You see on our drop leg here, we've got four holes to choose from. This one will have it in it's highest position. That's going to be more of a stored position. But this gives us four holes with an inch and 7/8 between 'em for a total of 5 and 5/8 inches of adjustment. That's just going to save wear and tear on our jack and the time we have to have it operating. We can get that down and then use our jack a little bit more quickly.Now we'll take the provided pin and clip. You just want to set your drop leg where you like it, bring that through and then secure it with the clip there. And as you can see, that's drastically going to reduce the distance our jack has to travel. Now we'll hook it up to our vehicle as you can see here so we have power, run the jack on down and support it.That's going to complete our look at the Etrailer Electric Jack with Footplate.

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Dave 01/28/2019

This video was a great help to see the all of the features on a smartphone. It literally will mean the difference as to whether I buy one or move on to a more name brand product. 48980

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Louis 01/28/2019

Jack stand be used on the side of the trailer? 49000

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Heather A 01/28/2019

This jack is an a-frame jack, it will not install on the side of the trailer. The only side frame mount jack we have available is Fulton XLT side frame mount jack part # F141401. This fulton jack offers up to 22 inches of lift and can handle up to 2500 lbs of weight. It designed to fit 3-5 inch trailer frames. 44896

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