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etrailer Trigger Latch Channel Tongue Trailer Coupler Review

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Review of the etrailer Trigger Latch Channel Tongue Trailer Coupler

Speaker 1: Today we'll be having a look at the channel tongue trailer coupler with a trigger latch for a 2" ball, with a 3,500 pound capacity, part number CT-3002-Z.Here's what our coupler looks like installed. Now one of the main reasons you're going to want a replacement coupler such as this one is to replace an old, or worn out, or damaged coupler. You'll notice on our old coupler that we removed, I can't even open it easily, whereas on our new one, springs open very easily and closes very easily. That will make it a lot easier for you to hook up to your tow vehicle so you can safely tow your trailer.The zinc finish on our coupler will provide many years of superior rust resistance so we don't have to worry about corrosion. This is an ideal solution for boat trailers, trailers that see excessive salt spray, or ones that are stored outdoors. The trigger latch allows for safe and easy coupling and uncoupling, as I'll demonstrate now.

We'll lift up on the latch with one finger, pull the whole handle up, come over towards our ball, drop it onto our 2" hitch ball, make sure it's fully seated, and we'll close down to latch into place.Now this coupler has a 3,500 pound capacity, which is more than sufficient for this small trailer here. However, because this coupler has a 3,500 pound capacity, that does exceed some trailers' actual weight ratings, so make sure you don't exceed what your trailer's actually rated for. The sturdy steel construction of this coupler makes it very durable and ideal for utility trailers.Now when comparing the Etrailer couplers to other couplers on the market such as the Fulton Fast Lock coupler, part number F2225003001, the zinc finish on the Etrailer coupler will offer superior rust resistance as opposed to just having a corrosion-resistant finish.Now for a few measurements to better assist you in seeing if this coupler will work for your trailer. This coupler is designed to work on 2-1/2" channels, see we have a 2-1/2" diameter on the inside from this point to this point over here. Overall, we're looking at 10-1/2" in total length of our coupler from the very back part of it to the very front part of it.

The overall width of our coupler at its widest point, from here to here, is 4-1/4".We have the ability to secure our coupler to our tow vehicle when it's being towed or when our trailer is being stored to help prevent theft. To do that you can use a padlock or other locking device through this hole right here. This hole has a 5/16" of a diameter opening. Now the minimum span that you need with a padlock or a pin locking device for your coupler is 5/8" from here to here.Now that we've gone over some features, we'll take it out on our test course and you can see how secure the coupler is to our tow vehicle. Now that we've gone over some features of our coupler, we'll show you how to get it installed.The first thing that we need to do is remove our old coupler.

In our case, this coupler was for an 1-7/8" ball, which our customer wants to upgrade to a 2" ball so it works better with his truck. Also, this one is a little worn and damaged. In our case, our old coupler is held in place with two 7/16" bolts, so we'll remove these. Now when we remove our back bolt, our safety chains for our trailer will come out with our coupler. That's not a big deal.

We'll just make sure that they stay in the channel on the tongue of our trailer.Now we'll take our new coupler, place it over the channel on our trailer, lining up the holes that are already there. For our back bolt we'll make sure it will go between our safety chains like this so they are secured into place to our trailer. Now we've replaced our bolts with 1/2" diameter bolts and lock nuts. We'll give our safety chains a tug now to make sure they're secure. They're wrapped around our bolt properly. Now we will install our front bolt and install our nut. Now we will tighten down our hardware and ensure that it's secure. That completes our look at the channel tongue trailer coupler with a trigger latch for 2" balls, with a 3,500 pound capacity, part number CT-3002-Z.

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