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etrailer Ball Mount and Pintle Mount Hitch Pin Alignment Collar Review

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Review of the etrailer Ball Mount and Pintle Mount Hitch Pin Alignment Collar

What's up everybody it's AJ with E Today, we're going to check out the trailer hitch alignment tool. It's going to be for two and a half inch hitches. We've got our ball mount. Now, what this is going to do is help you line up that hole on your hitch pin hole every single time on the first try. So it's going to take that guesswork out of, put it in there, trying to line up, looking on the side.

It's really awesome. Let's check it out. The way this works is , I've already got put it here on the ball mount, hand tighten it down here on the shank. Just slide up once it hits, lines up on the first try, right there. That's what I'm talking about.

That's how easy it is. It's an awesome accessory to have just because this can be kind of a pain, lining this up on the first try every time, especially when accessories get bigger. Or it's harder to like look around and see. Cause like right now I blocked the camera. Just trying to look and see if that holes lined up.

Didn't have to do that. Slid in it stopped right there. So it's gonna be really easy to set up, but I got it loose. And like I said, they're hand tighten so backed off on these knobs. And what we want to do first is take your accessory, like our ball mount, putting the shank, line up that hitch pin hole where you want it.

So let's get that in there now. See what I'm talking about, it's already sliding on, get that through to the other side. Now we know this is where it needs to stay. So once we know that we can come back with the hitch alignment tool and install it on the shank of our ball mount, bring it around there. Put that back into place. Start, tighten down the hand knob. I wanna move it a little bit closer to the hitch. There we go, right there. So we'll hit the edge and just hand tighten it. That's as easy as it is to set it up. And once you've done that, you're done setting it up. You don't have to do that once. And I would check on it to make sure it's still tied, you know, in a couple of months or whatever, but otherwise you're not going to have to mess with that again. And it makes it so much easier when you're go put that ball mount in. Another application, this would be good with is a weight distribution head. We see it's pretty bulky and kind of heavy to get in there. So any help this line up the holes will be nice. So you already stopped too short if I didn't have this, but now that I have the collar, if I put it right back in there and I just know, go right up to that collar stops right in the spot I need it to be. You can easily put the hitch pin in like that. So it makes it far easier when you're loading something heavy like this, just to make sure that it hits on the first. Take a look another weight distribution shank we we're trying to work with. I got to flipped upside down right now. Just to point out this flat machine edge here, will be really good for the hitch aligner, but as you can see, there's not enough room for it so that it goes right up against where it curves. So we're gonna need an inch and a half of space really to get that, to fit in there. And we don't have that because the hitch pin hole is lined up like this. So it wouldn't have room for that. And then the thing that kind of fights against us is going to be this here, how it's kind of goes in and dips in it. Doesn't get a good grip on and has nothing to really push against. So that kind of doesn't really work with this one. So keep that in mind when you're looking at the shank you want to use it with, and what you're going to get. That one issue aside, it is a really handy tool to have, it's got black powder coat finish steel. So it's going to last, when you leave it on those accessories, you're not to worry about the elements getting to it. And it was so much easier to put us on a ball mount and slide into place and not have to worry about looking off to the side to line up that hole. Well, I think that does it. Thanks for hanging out and I hope this helps..

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