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Review of the Folding Cargo Carrier

Today we're going to be taking a look at the etrailer 62 by 24 and 3/4 inch folding cargo carrier. Part number is E98872.Now this carrier has been designed to help free up room inside of your vehicle. Getting extra gear out here on the carrier, it's going to free up some inside for passengers and pets. This also helps out with dirty and muddy items. Maybe after your trip is done we don't want that stuff inside the car, we can put it on the carrier. Or you can also see by adding a couple fork blocks, we can carry gear, one and two bikes, up to three bikes really, if we put them kind of opposing.

Handle bars going back and forth.Overall it's a really versatile cargo carrier that goes nice and compact, which you'll see later.It offers a very convenient feature where it really collapses up to be quite a small package. We're gonna pull the pins on each side here. Pull out, rotate each side all the way in, and allow that pin to go back in place.Now when we close these sides, to ensure that they stay where we want them, we want to be sure that the pin on the inside passes all the way through. Just like that. This isn't something we would want to leave hanging open one way or another.

That's gonna secure these and make sure they don't come up and make contact with our vehicle.Then we've got our lever locks here. We raise that. Rotate this up and then cam it back down. Now this is convenient not only for storage and if you're just traveling around town without a load on, so it's not such a big thing behind you. Now at this point we're going to pull the clip, loosen up our anti rattle bolt.

To do that you'll want to use a 24mm wrench, or socket. You'll notice that it's got a flat washer and a lock washer on it, so once it's in place it stays nice and secure.Inside we're able to grab a hold of the two handles, which have rounded edges on it to protect our fingers. See, we can take that out, come to this area, pull that pin, then we can fold this also up into the storage position. As you can see, it doesn't take up a whole lot of room in the garage. You're not wasting a lot of real estate.As you can see, unlike a lot of carriers out there in the market, we talked about the compact storage at your house, but when you get to your destination you don't necessarily want this hanging out on the backside of the vehicle.

It's very easy to store it inside.To give you an idea of the exterior dimensions, from outside to outside we're going to be at 62-1/4, and then from the very front to the very back it's at 27-1/4.Now let's go over some more specific measurements, so we can determine exactly how much room this carrier is gonna take up for you.The first measurement we'll look at is gonna be from the center of our hitch pin hole to the front edge of our carrier, right here, when it's in the usable position. In this case we have 18-1/2. To the very backside of the carrier, that goes out to 46-1/2.Now from that same point, the center of our hitch pin hole to the closest edge of the carrier, which would be right here, we're looking at 11-1/2". But something I like, see it kind of has that contour where it's going to follow along with most contours that we see on the rear of the vehicle.Then from the same point on that pin hole, to the outermost edge here, we've got 18-1/2. So going from 46-1/2 in the ready position to 18 and 1/2 in the stored position, we're really saving quite a bit of room.You'll notice all the way around the carrier there's also a raised edge. This does a great job of keeping our gear contained and from sliding around. It's about 3-1/4" high and it also offers some good tie down locations for us.Now something I like about the folding design, or collapsible design where we can bring this in before we fold it up, is one, it doesn't stick all the way out here. So, as you're trying to walk around your vehicle you don't have to go all the way around it but also it helps to promote better visibility to those tail lights so they're not going to be blocked.Now not only are those holes gonna be good for some of the accessories, like the fork block, but it also helps in license plate relocation. If you're going to be traveling a long distance with it in this position, it's a good idea with just a couple nuts and bolts to put that up here to keep you legal.As an added feature we're able to switch this cargo carrier right into a three bike rack using a fork block. So you use your 9mm skewers, different things like that. Now for mounting the fork block, remember we're talking about 4" centers on our mounting points, but this is just gonna come right down and in the holes. We can use the supplied hardware to get it attached. This is just gonna make our cargo carrier a lot more versatile having the additional options to add on here and get it set up in the way we want it.Now there are lots of different fork blocks that'll work with this configuration. We just particularly like this one. The color matches, it looks pretty good on here. The part number on it is S64703.You'll notice those longer holes give us a great spot for a hook and loop tie down. Just kind of keeps our wheel from moving forward and back. This one's from Softride, the part number is SR18679.Now we've got the carrier loaded up. We're strapping it down. That's another big advantage that I really like about this carrier. Regardless of the strap size that you decide to use, they can be very easily connected at any one of the connection points. In this case we're not filling up the entire carrier, so we can bring our straps right to the edge of our load, and keep everything contained. See here, just with the standard ratchet strap goes right around there without any problem. If you had a slightly larger, or smaller hook, it would connect in the same manner. Bring that in, around, and up. Pull out our slack and get it secured.Even with three large bags, you can see still plenty of room on the carrier to take advantage of. Something I like if you do have a smaller load like this, or if your load isn't taking up large amounts of space, each of our sides can be tipped up, which will leave you with something much smaller behind the vehicle.Now also included with the cargo carrier is an anti rattle bolt and clip. You don't see this on a lot of different cargo carriers. Basically, it immobilizes where the shank goes into the hitch. Now that helps out a lot with side to side movement. You can see as we move it, very little movement or play in our goods. Which, since it does have a 500 pound capacity, if that weight starts shifting side to side that we see with normal cargo carriers you can really feel it inside the vehicle.And that's going to complete our look at the etrailer folding cargo carrier. Part number E98872.

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