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etrailer RV Bumper Cargo Carrier Review

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Review of the etrailer RV Bumper Cargo Carrier

What's up everybody. It's AJ with Today, we're gonna be checking out the etrailer RV Cargo Carrier. This is gonna be the 24 by 40 version. So, this is gonna go on the bumper of your rig, which is nice that it doesn't use a hitch like some other ones do. It attaches directly to your bumper and it's gonna allow you to carry any of those items that either you don't want in your rig like the generator.

Not a good idea to put that in there or just stuff you don't have space for you can throw it out here and be on your way. Let's check it out. Right away I'm gonna show you how it mounts. When I said it doesn't use the hitch, you can see, we have a hitch here that's being unused, which is nice that it still frees that up too if you wanna carry something, you could. If you wanted to fold up the rack or the Cargo Carrier and it'll still fit.

Now, over here I just wanna show you, these are the brackets. So, they come slide down like a C shape, down around the bumper. You run the bolts here in the bottom. There's one bolt on each side and that's what clamps it really tight to the bumper. And it actually is real tight.

I can shake the whole rig back and forth, you see there's no rattling or movement whatsoever. So, you know this Cargo Carrier isn't going anywhere. You'll also notice that there's two holes here on the clamp. So, depending on the size of your bumper, we're using the innermost ones just for a tight fit right there underneath. One of the cool new additions to the etrailer RV Cargo Carrier, is gonna be the support bracket.

This is gonna go on the beam of your bumper whether it's an I-beam like this one, or an S-beam, or even around two beam, like on the other one over here. You're gonna put this up against that beam and it's gonna add that extra support, because as you're using this Cargo Carrier you use it for years and years and years. This way it's gonna be pulling down on that bumper and that might be a little bit hard on the welds. This is gonna be that support that helps hold everything up. The first step in the installation is gonna be holding up the bracket to whatever beam you have. So, I suggest using a clamp to hold it in place so you can mark your holes to then drill them out. You're gonna get two different drill bits. One's gonna be for a pilot hole and one's gonna be for you to make it big enough for the bracket to actually run those bolts in. Now, again, be very sure to read those instructions 'cause there's different variations of what hardware to you use and what pattern to you use for the different style beams and bumpers. Take a look at this, well, it's already installed. You can see and maybe have a better idea of how it actually does help the bumper and the beam. So, you can see right where those welds are, that's where the bracket goes. It follows it along underneath kind of giving that extra support. So, if it starts to sag a little bit or as just the carrier pulls down on that beam right on those fragile welds, you can see that it's gonna help support it and keep it upright and not bend down. So, that over time is gonna keep it looking better. Now, let's look at the carrier itself. Carrier's got these big bars on there. I like the open floor design. That means that if you put something on here and it cause a leak, most of the time it's not gonna leak on the carrier, makes it easier to clean in the long run too. So, if you throw a bunch of muddy gear and stuff on there, it will probably fall through and that's the little bit. But you can still spray all this with a hose and get it clean again, that's the nice thing about it. The other thing is the side rails here are raised, so that gives you really good tie on points. As you can see, we used the tie down this generator. There was always somewhere to put one of these hooks to ratchet down and get it really tight. I can shake the whole thing back and forth and see the generation is not moving and the Cargo Carrier is not moving either. Now, the whole thing has a black powder coat finish on it. It's a black powder coat steel, so it's gonna hold up to rust and corrosion. So again, if you leave this on the back of your rig all the time, you're not gonna worry about the weather getting to it. The black powder coat finish, isn't perfect though. So, if you are loading heavy items, and you happen to scrape it, it can't scratch off. Here you see, we have a few scratches on this here just from loading and unloading on it or maybe even the hooks that go on there, maybe something is going to scratch it. That black powder coat finish, you gotta watch out for. So if there is scrapes there, you might wanna come back in with the paint pen or something to go ahead and cover those up. And the more you take care of the Cargo Carrier, the more it's gonna take care of your cargo. Just to get specific, we've got three inches of side rail here all around the Cargo Carrier. So, not only is that gonna be good for getting straps to tie things down, but it's also gonna be a nice safety thing just in case something comes unstrapped and goes up against it, you have a side wall protecting it from just falling straight off. Another great thing about this Cargo Carrier is that you can add to it, so it can grow with you as you get more accessories. Let's say you just have the generator for right now, this works great for that. You get some more accessories, you're gonna carry outside of your rig, and you want them on the Cargo Carrier you can buy an extension piece that's 24 inches wide, that adds another 24 inches to your Cargo Carrier. So, it's like the 40 and make it a 64. Now, you get even more gear, you want more stuff outside, you can actually add second extension and take the 64 and make it an 88 width Cargo Carrier. That can all be done with this same setup. So, I really like that, I like to invest in things that can grow as I and my hobbies grow. And so if I want more stuff, I don't have to buy a whole new carrier and this one just stays in the garage. I can add to this and keep using it. Talking about the extensions, even after you add all those in the weight capacity you're still gonna stay at 500 pounds. So again, keep that in mind when you're loading it up. Now, we see that it can hold the generator just fine, no problems there. Let's see what it took to actually load the generator up there and getting it strapped down. One of the nice things about this Cargo Carrier is that it'll fold up against your rig. That's nice and save space on the back when it's not being used. 'Cause why waste all that space if there's nothing in there It's really easy to come over here to the pins. You can see me remove these and just pop that one off. You gotta push it in a little bit and then you can easily remove it. So, you can't just push against the pin right away, it's gotta go into that slot there. So, then I'll move this pin rather twist it back and forth to help it get out of there. And it'll be easier the more you use it too. I'm gonna set this one aside. I'm gonna do the same thing on the opposite side over here. Remember to push it down and then push it out. Then we gonna work this pin out of place. Again, this will wear down it and it will be easier to do. Now, with that outta the way, we can fold it down. Once it's folded down, it lines up these holes underneath and you're gonna replace those pins. So once again, put those in, it lines up very nicely. I like that, you don't have to. Sometimes with those holes on tilting and folding things, you'll have to lift up on one side to get it to the align. I'm not touching it, it's lined up, the pin ran right away. So, that's a really nice feature too. Replace both of these. Same thing I work this one back in. I did have to lift up a little bit on this side of the Cargo Carrier but you see how easily that went in, so it wasn't a big deal. Now, it's set up and ready for our generator. So, we're gonna grab a generator, lift it up, set it into place. Right about there and we can strap it down. With it strapped down, one good thing to think about is getting straps with your Cargo Carrier because depending on a heavier load or a lighter load, you're gonna need to tie it down. And we have the etrailer Ratchet Strap Kit, comes with Ratchet Straps and an nice carrying bag for it. And you can see that gets us nice and tight because this generator's pretty heavy and you don't want it shifted around when you're going down the road. Now, the Cargo Carrier too can handle 500 pounds. So, keep that in mind, try not to go over that and you won't have any issues. Now, if you have the small loads like coolers and sports equipment like that I would go with maybe the etrailer cam buckle straps. Those are gonna be a little lighter duty and not as much as these ratchet straps. I know there's a few different Cargo Carriers out there for the back of your rig. One that comes to mind that I've definitely worked with is the GennyGo style. That one's gonna have a little bit of shorter side walls. It's gonna be that flat, metal base at the bottom. Those work really well, will hold the generator, used them, it had no issues. It just doesn't look as sturdy to me, I like it. This one is the solid bars, so right away I go, "Oh, okay. "This is gonna hold up far better than some metal." Which it holds up but I just like this design better. I like the open sides. It's also easier to put together. The GennyGo you can add extensions on that too, but there's a lot of bolts and nuts on that one. You have to undo every time you go to add something in a support arm or something like that. Didn't like that one as much. This one takes far less time to put together. Even adding an extension, it's just a couple bolts to put that in, slide together and redo that. And even putting it on the bumper and removing it is far easier with those too. Overall, I really like this Cargo Carrier. The main thing I like about it, is not only that is it sturdy, I really like that part, I can't stress that enough but it's expandable, so it'll grow with you. And that's very important to me. Like right now, this might be all I need to carry but down the line as I get more stuff, I wanna be able to build on what I got and not have to buy a whole new setup. And if I'm already familiar with how this works, I got this, I just add the extension there. It still folds up, I don't have to sacrifice any features to get a bigger Cargo Carrier. It'll still work and do the things I like it to do just be a little bit wider. Well, I think that does it. Thanks for hanging out, I hope this helped..

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