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Erickson Ratchet and Carabiner Hook Tie-Down Ropes Review

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Review of the Erickson Ratchet and Carabiner Hook Tie-Down Ropes

What we're looking at today is the Erickson tight rope. This is what it looks like. We're gonna get a carabiner on both sides, but on one end we're gonna get a little ratcheting mechanism right there to get everything nice and tight. The weight capacity on this is gonna be 75 pounds, so for the lighter stuff, but what we're using it for is we always have feed buckets, other buckets, sprayers, and stuff like that. They don't really weigh a whole lot, but on the side by side, it kind of gets jostled around and I hate hearing those buckets move around. So with this, we just have them nice and secured so I'm not gonna have to deal with that whenever I'm going down to feed my cows.

No need to tie knots or anything, you just find a place to hook it on to and do the same on the other side and strap it on down. This is a very quick solution for me. Pretty much what we did before was just use a ratchet strap which I think, it was a little bit of overkill. I think this is perfect for this situation, but also for some of those loose stuff that it may be in the back of your trunk of your car, your truck bed, like buckets like this, or also your storage in your SUVs. This can be used on those tie downs too.

Just to kind of secure some of those lighter loads just so they're not just jostling around whenever we're driving. The carabiner is pretty small, so here's a measurement for you. I'm gonna open this up and measure from this point here to this point here, it's gonna be about 7/16 of an inch. So just make sure whatever you plan on hooking this onto. I know the tie-downs in my Tahoe over here, it does fit around those, but just get an idea of where you're going with it and take that measurement to see if it's gonna fit for you.

It is gonna be 6 foot long, which is pretty much a good amount of length for any type of thing, whether it's in the truck bed, whether it's in your enclosed trailer, maybe to keep the shovels and stuff from kinda moving around all the time. You can secure the bottom of it there but also for your cargo carriers as well. So those are a couple little instances that you could use this. And I think it's pretty useful. As you can see, this is something that we use every day and it was a solution for us, so it should be a solution for you.

And that'll do it for a look at the Ericson tight rope..

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