Erickson Spider Stretchable Cargo Net Review

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Review of the Erickson Spider Stretchable Cargo Net

Today I'll be going over the Erickson spider stretchable cargo net, part number EM01018. This Erickson spider net is a great way to tie down and secure your gear or luggage in the back of your pickup truck. It works really well for short beds but still will work for long beds depending on what type of gear and the height and other luggage that you have. Now this net does come in a nice convenient zip up carrying case. It's going to help keep everything nicely and contained, you don't have to keep it in a milk crate where everything is constantly tangled up. So you can simply just undo the zipper and pull the net out and see that it does have the plastic hooks, now the convenient thing about the plastic hooks is that your truck doesn't have a bed liner or anything like that, it's not going to scratch any painted surface. It does have this clips here which the clips are going to help keep the hook actually attached to your attachment point whether it be an after market attachment point or a manufactured attachment point.

Now another neat thing about this is the hooks are actually adjustable. So you can see what I did is I simply just popped the strap, seeing there this little groove here in one end of the clip and I'm just going to pull that out, you can see that I can adjust this up and down, maybe you have like a really tall boxes that you're hauling, you can extend the hook out a little bit and give you a little bit more reach or if you got smaller gear that you maybe want to keep everything a little bit tighter, you can pull it down and secure it again, take up a little bit of that that slack. So that's another neat feature about this net. Now another neat thing about the hooks is they are made of a strong polycarbonate material which that's also going to help defend against rust. So what we can do is go ahead and just unfold our net, untangle it. Now there are 12 conveniently placed hooks on this net which allows for wide variety of attachment options. Now the center of the net you can see this ring here, this is just going to help indicate where the center is when you're untangling it. And I can see we have some gear and luggage loaded up in the back of our pickup truck, we'll be using the Erickson spider net to secure our gear and prevent it from blowing away.

Now when I pick up this net, I'm actually going to grab it by the center ring that I showed you earlier, that's going to help me when I'm actually placing it in the bed and then I'll just start kicking out each clamp. It's going to be hard to keep it from tangling but just knowing that that ring is the center just going to help us run more place in our clamps. Now what I'm going to do is I'm just going to start at the four corners that's going to help me decide where the remaining clamp should go. Now you can see that our truck only has a few attachment points for us to attach our clips to which makes that adjustable hook feature really convenient so that we don't have hooks that aren't hook to anything. And now that we got our gear all loaded up, that will complete today's review of the Erickson's spider stretchable cargo net part number EM01018. .

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