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Erickson Retractable Ratchet Straps Review

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Review of the Erickson Retractable Ratchet Straps

Today we'll be taking a look at the Erickson retractable ratchet straps with a push button release and a 4-Pack part number EM34420. Now this Erickson retractable tie-down straps have a wide variety of uses whether you're going to be securing some gear, lumber, cargo and back of your pickup or or open trailer or here in today's situation we have an enclosed trailer with a couple four wheelers loaded up which we'll be using the Erickson ratchet strap to secure them with. Now this ratchet straps have a break strength of 1200 pounds with a safe working load of 400 pounds. The strap is 1 inch wide by 10 feet long which allow you to secure a larger cargo for example if you're going to bring the strap up all the way to the roll cage of your UTV or if you have a big sack of lumber that you're carrying on your flatbed trailer, that 10 foot length is a nice feature of this strap. The actual ratcheting mechanism is a zinc coated heavy duty steel which is going to provide a long lasting strength and durability. Now the hooks of the strap are coated in a vinyl paint that going to help protect the metal surface from rust and corrosion and also if you're going, say you're hauling a four wheeler or racing dirt bike and you want to wrap this around the handle bars or something like that you don't want to damage the surface of the bike, that vinyl is going to be a nice way to protect it. The stitchings on the strap are really nice, heavy duty stitchings, it's going to make for a strong hold this hook is attached really well to the strap, it's going to make sure give you a sense of security when you're securing those heavy loads. So now there are two ends to this strap, the one strap here is actually fixed to one end of the ratchet and then this is the retractable side. So what's really neat about this strap is that all of the strap is basically secured in this housing.

So, like normal ratchet straps where you have a strap that goes through and you have all that excess hanging out, that's what really neat about this straps is that all of the excess is all contained in this housing which is really really nice. Especially is you carry all of your ratchet straps in the milk crate or underneath the seat of your pickup truck, everything is nice, all in contain, you're not going to have to untangle them each time you use them. So how this works I that it's super nifty with this red push button release here. So when the, this tab, you could see this red push button here activates this tab what is behind this tab here that is allows us to retract the strap and when you push in the button, it sucks it back in. It's really nice, you don't have to ratchet it back and forth to get all the strap back up in this housing. So when you push that red button and the lever is in front of that tab, that's when you can actually use the ratcheting part of the strap to tighten your load or to secure your load. So now here I our enclose trailer we got a couple of four wheelers which we're going to use this straps to secure them.

We already got the front and rear of the four wheeler up front secured, we got the front of this four wheeler secured and now we're going to use the remaining fourth strap in our kit to secure the rear of this clod to our anchor points. Now this trailer that we have here we already got some built in anchor points in the floor of the trailer which is going to be really nice anchor point for us to secure it too. We're going to start with just hooking the one end of the hook to this anchor point and now we have the tab all the way back, the buttons back and now all we got to do is just pull the strap out. Now usually you could take this hook up to maybe the maybe cargo the ratchet recline 00:03:50 on the handle bars of your four wheeler or dirt bike. For today we have our four wheeler is equipped with a hitch and a toe hook and I'm just going to go directly to that toe hook. So now what I'll do is push in that red button and bring that tab forward of that second tab that I shown you earlier and that's going to allow us to basically just ratchet it back and forth, it's going to wind that strap up in that housing provide a really nice strong hold and then when we arrive to our farm or maybe the race track, all you got to do is just push in that red button, push the lever backwards you'll see it pop out and release and pull out on the strap, undo our hooks and then we'll just push in that red button which will send the strap up. Now you want to be careful that spring in there, that tension in there it's pretty powerful, so when you push in that red button be careful at the hook because it will swing back and nail you in the knuckles. And that will complete today's review of the Erickson retractable ratchet straps with a push button release and a four pack, part number EM34420.


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