Erickson Re-Tractable Ratchet Straps Review

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Review of the Erickson Re-Tractable Ratchet Straps

Today we'll be taking a look at the Erickson Retractable Ratchet Straps with a push button release rated at 1200 pounds and a two-pack part EM34415. This Erickson retractable tie-down has a wide variety of uses. Whether you're securing cargo or gear in the bed of your pickup truck, or you're securing larger loads on your open trailer or in, for today's scenario, we have a couple of four wheelers and some other gear in our in close trailer. A couple of neat things about this strap is that all of the strap is basically contained in this housing, so you're not going to have a bunch of random straps lying around, the excess strap is not going to be flapping around in the wind. You can see that the width of the strap is one inch, and this strap has a break strength of 1200 pounds with a safe working load limit of 400 pounds. It's made of a zinc coated heavy-duty steel construction for long lasting strength and durability. The hooks do have a nice vinyl coating over it, so if you're going to be hauling maybe a dirt bike or a four-rear to where you don't want the metal surface to scratch up any part of your bike, the vinyl coated hooks make it really nice. The stitchings here on the firm part of the strap also provide extra strength and durability, it's just going to make sure the strap and the hook provide a really nice strong hold.

The backside of the strap is actually fixed, which means that they're only adjusts from one side. Now we'll kind of go over the operation of the strap. Again, with the lever back at its furthest point this way, you can see this little tab here. With a lever in that position, that allows you to retract the strap, which is really nice because you don't have to worry about the strap coming undone, or having to re-feather strap through the ratcheting mechanism of most normal straps. In order to tighten down the strap, you'll push in that red button. Bring it up and now it'll be in front of this halve, then you can just ratchet it that way.

Without this tab being behind here, you're not going to be able to retract that strap. Even if you have the lever here and you try to push on the red strap and pull, the only way that you can retract it is if it is all the way back behind this tab here. This part number does come with two straps, you can see in our in close trailer we have a couple of four wheelers here. We already got the front of the four wheeler tied down. Now, we're just going to second strap to secure the rear of the four wheeler to the rear of the trailer.

We're going to push in that red button, and make sure that that tab is back behind there, so now with that I can easily just pull it out. If you happen to use a four wheeler, or a dirt bike, or a UTV, you hook it out of the roll cage bars, the cargo racker in this case. We got a toe hook here, which is what we're going to clip it to. We're going to come back here and we're going to put that tab in front. You can see it's not going to retract any more, now I can just ratchet this back and forth, nice and tight. To undo the strap again, we'll just need to push in that red button, loosen it up, take our strap.

Another neat thing about this strap is that instead of actually winding it up to get all the strap back in place, you just basically push in this red button, and it bring the strap right back up. That'll complete today's review of the Erickson retractable ratchet straps with a push button release, part number EM34415. .

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