Erickson Ratcheting Tie-Downs Review

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Review of the Erickson Ratcheting Tie Downs

Today were going to be taking a look at the Erickson Ratcheting Tie-Down Kit with the Web Clamp, in a 2-Pack, 8-Feet Long, part number EM31351.These Erickson ratcheting tie-downs have a wide variety of applications, whether youre going to use them to tie down and secure cargo in the bed of your pickup truck or your camper, all the way to loading up an ATV or UTV in the bed of your pickup.These straps are one inch wide by eight feet long. They have these extra stitchings here on the side, and thats going to help protect the sides from nicks, or scratches, or sharp objects. The hooks on the strap are made of a strong, heavy-duty steel. They are coated in a black vinyl, which is nice. If youre going to hook them to, maybe, a dirt bike handlebar or a four-wheeler handlebar, the vinyl on the hook is going to protect the painted surface of your bike or ATV. Here on the strap itself, you can see the extra stitching here, which thats just going to ensure that the hook is really secured to the end of the strap for added strength and durability.The ratcheting mechanism of the strap has this nice orange button here.

Its a single-finger application. All you got to do is just use one finger, push it down, allow you to open it up, and loosen or tighten the strap, depending on what youre needing to do.Another neat thing about this is this little flap right here. This is the web clamp. What this is designed to do is, when youre loading up your gear, and its all strapped down and tightened down, if you have any excess strap, you can actually fold it up and insert the strap into this little flap, and close it down. If youre using this in your pickup truck or maybe your flatbed trailer, its going to prevent the straps from flapping around in the wind and potentially fraying, which reduces the life of the strap.Another thing is this nice handle here.

Instead of having that small, skinny, solid handle, you can get a nice grip on it using your fingers in there, and make sure that your gear is nice and secure. The housing or the actual ratchet itself is made of a stainless steel, very sturdy, and its also going to help resist rust and corrosion.For today, were on the inside of our enclosed trailer. You can see here we have our generator up against the wall. We got some anchor points that are already in the floor of our trailer. Were just going to go ahead and secure our generator using those hooks and the Erickson tie-down strap.Well take the first hook here and loop it around this anchor point here in the bottom of the floor.

I need a little bit of extra slack, so what Im going to do is just push in that orange button and unfold the ratchet. Thats going to allow me to pull the side with the hook, give me some more slack, and I can wrap it around the generator, come back to this other attachment point. Then what I can do is pull the side without the hook tight, pull up on that orange lever from the inside of the ratchet, start to ratchet it down. You can see the strap will pull tight, pulling the generator to the wall, securing it.On the enclosed trailer, it wont be too big of a deal for the strap to be laying around. If we we're on a open trailer or the bed of our pickup, what well do is well just fold up this excess strap, and then well lift up this cover and put the remaining strap through there, and then close it down.

Again, this is just going to help contain all of that excess strap and prevent it from flapping around and fraying.Now you can see with everything tightened down, our generator is super secure, and its not going to be moving around when were traveling down the road. Thatll complete todays review of the Erickson Ratcheting Tie-Downs, part number EM31351. .

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