Erickson Ratchet Tie-Down Straps Review

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Review of the Erickson Ratchet Tie-Down Straps

Randy: Hey guys, it's Randy here at Today we're going to be taking a look a four pack of light duty straps available from Erickson. Now these straps are going to have a couple really nice up grades I like compared to just a standard strap. First up you can see our handle and release button here. They're going to have a full rubber coating on it. Let me open that up for you so you can see, plenty of room for us to get our hand on there and apply good pressure.

Something else I like, we've got of course the S hooks here in the end, rubber coated so they're going to protect our paint finish, but they've got these caps. These caps are going to slide on and off, and it's going to prevent these from coming unhooked as we're trying to get out strap in place. That's a really good feature. A lot of times when you're using S hook straps like this you get one side connect, you go to the other and that side you just connected comes off so you're kind of chasing it back and forth.Now the strap material is going to be one inch wide, a pretty durable type strap material. Pretty standard for the lighter duty straps, and it's going to have a total length of 15'.

It's going to be a really good length for securing a lot of items in the bed of your truck or your camper. Now with 15' in length and a 433 lb. safe working load limit, these straps are going to be ideal light duty candidates for a lot of your utility trailer applications, your truck bed applications. I think they're going to do a really good job. The one thing that we always want you to keep in mind, we always recommend using straps in pairs, so if one happens to fail, you've got a back up there.Now as far as strap operation, really simple process.

This is our release button, you can see we've got tension on it now. So we'll press that release button, and we want to move our handle all the way over. See at that point it's going to release. That's going to allow us to adjust our strap, get it to where the length we want. I need to pull that release again, get it back in the ratcheting side here, and then just use that lever to apply the tension that we're looking for.

Push that back down in it's closed position, and we just secure our excess at that point. Now the ratchet itself is going to have a black paint finish on it and of course steel construction. Feeling it, it feels pretty rigid, pretty stiff, not a lot of flex or give to it. So these should work out for you for a good long time.Now let's go through the installation and see how the straps are going to work. You're going to start with two pieces, you can see I've got my ratchet opened up there. Inside we've got the barrel here, it's going to have a slit in the middle. So we want to bring our strap from the back through and I'm going to loop it around and just pass it right through that handle side on the top. So now as we pull our tag in, it'll take that slack out for us. We can take our cap off slide it around our connection point and put the cap back on. Do the same thing here on our other side, and I always like to kind of run my hand right down the strap to make sure I have it nice and flat. Bring that around and clip it on. As you can see as we go to mess around over here it's going to do a good job of keeping that hook from falling off like we discussed a little earlier. It saves a lot of aggravation. Now we'll pull that slack through and once we've got it fairly tight there, just a matter of ratcheting handle getting the appropriate pressure that want. At that point we're ready to secure off our excess strap. We'll want to throw a couple more on the back there and we'll be ready to head down the road.

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