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Review of Ratchet Straps from Erickson

Today we are going to review part number EM69627 from Erickson. This is their 2 inch by 27 foot long ratchet strap. It is rated up to 10,000 pounds with the strap wrapper. What the strap wrapper does is it lets you stow the extra strap that is always left over whether it be a little bit or a lot in some cases you do not have it flying in the wind or you do not have to tie it in a knot somewhere. 00:21

The handle itself is upgraded with a molded rubber covering over it. It is easy to grip so your hands do not slip. Even the hooks themselves are covered in a plastic material that keeps them protected for a very long time. 00:31

It is very simple device how it works. Basically the strap goes through the center of it. This part right here and just pull it tight as far as you can until you take up all of the slack. Now we have pulled the tension as tight as possible by hand and of course you are going to have a little bit of slack in here but that is fine. And then what you want to do is release it they all have a little release on the inside here. And then you can go ahead and simply ratchet it and it tightens down to get it as tight as you want. 01:07

Now let us go ahead and demonstrate this on a typical application. Give you a better idea on how it works. Alright we will go ahead and demonstrate the strap here on a typical load. We will take our hooks and attach them to the tie down points on the truck. And we will put our ratchet end on the tie down hook. Now we will take our strap long end and go through the ratchet, stay on the same side as the loop with the strap wrapper. Pull it on through. And go ahead and ratchet it tight. Then we will take our excess here, wrap it up in a nice loop, and then we will use our strap wrapper to hold it in place. And it is ready to go. All right, with that that finishes our review of part number EM69627 from Erickson.

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