Erickson Manufacturing Re-Tractable Ratcheting Tie-Down Straps Review

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Review of Erickson Manufacturing Re-Tractable Ratcheting Tie-Down Straps

Today we are going to review part number EM31302 from Erickson Manufacturing. These straps are 1 inch wide by 10 feet long and these ratchet straps have a self storing feature for the straps. We will show you how it works. It is pretty easy. First off, pull that latch up and then you can pull out the strap that you need. And whatever you do not use gets automatically wheeled up. And when you reach the position that you want to start tightening down, you can go ahead and just use it as a regular ratchet. And that supplies the tension and it wont go anywhere. It is very simple, very easy to use. This does have a working load of 400 pounds. It has a breaking strength of 1200 pounds. 0:38

And with this part number, you get two per package. And we will go ahead and install this on a tie-down on a typical load in the back of a pickup truck to give you a better idea of how it works. We will go ahead and attach these straps to our truck and our load here. Start in the back. We will take our hook and go to our tie-down location on our truck. And we will take the latch and pull it all the way back so it releases it. And this has about the tension of a seat belt really. And let us go and put it over our object here and back down to our other tie-down point. Alright, and then you can take it, our latch, and just pull it back down and pull a little button too. Pull it down and after it goes down, go ahead and ratchet it tight. 1:19

Alright, we will do the other one the same way. And we are going to leave this on here, that is different. What is nice about the tension here is that, just by yourself you dont have to have someone else holding the hook on there. The tension of the strap itself is more than enough to hold it in place. We are going to just ratchet it down tight. In a few minutes, we already have our load tightened down to the truck. It definitely will not go anywhere. It does have a 1200 pound breaking load limit. For operating load limit right now, they are good for 400 pounds. And there you have it for part number EM31302 from Erickson. 2:08

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