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Review of the Erickson Ratchet Strap

Today we'll be taking a look at the Erickson Ratchet Strap in a two inch wide by 25 foot long length with a 5000 pound maximum capacity, part number EM52400. You should always be sure that your load is only limited to 1650 pounds because that's what the working load limit is of this strap. Now here's our strap itself, you'll notice it has a double J-hook design on the end with a buckle. On this trailer there's a securing rail here as well as a bump rail. So you could secure it like that or if so choose you can take the strap and flip it underneath and comeback around. With being a double J-hook style, it's best if you actually go like this. Ideally you'd find an area on the trailer where it's doubled up anywhere along this rail here will work on this particular trailer.

The strap itself is two inches wide as well as having a length of 25 feet. Now if for some reason the strap is way longer than what you actually need, when you get to the end you could actually cut it and then burn the end or melt the end back down to keep strap from fraying. If you carry a variety of loads though, it is best to leave it at the 25 foot length that way you can use different loads on your trailer. Now for the ratcheting part itself, again we have the double J-hooks on the end. We have our handle here, this here is our locking mechanism as well as the release mechanism. See how it ratchets through, catches each time.

The slot here is where you'll feed the strap through and then pull down. To release, pull all the way up and go all the way forward and pull gently on the strap and it release. Now let's go ahead and secure these pallets down and show you how the strap works. Take our strap here. Toss it over the load.

Go ahead here and secure underneath. Take our ratchet here. Line up the slot. Pull the strap through. Go ahead and put the double J-hook underneath the lip here. Pull down on the strap.

And gently raise the ratchet handle up to secure your load. Pull it all the way down. It goes in the lock position and then you secure up any excess strap. Now depending on the load that you're carrying and if you've cut the strap down at all, will depend on how much extra strap you'll need to bunch up and secure so that it doesn't blow freely in the as you go down the road. Potentially damaging your cargo as it may get caught underneath the tire or the trailer or the vehicle itself. Now because we have a lot of excess strap in this case since our load is fairly short and small, we're going to go ahead and toss the excess strap back over the top of the load and secure it on the other side.Go ahead and take our excess strap here. Go back around the lip. Now depending on your load and how much extra strap you have will depend on how you secure off the excess strap. I'll go ahead and undo the excess strap here and toss it back over and we'll show you how to unstrap the ratchet strap. Now when you are ready to unsecure your load, simply push in on the lever and notice how it undoes from the locking mechanisms here. With the handle held in, simply pull all the way up. Push forward, pull down on the strap and it releases.And then you can simply either pull it back out of the ratchet portion and finish unstrapping your load. And with that, that conclude our look at the Erickson Ratchet Strap in a two inch wide by 25 foot long with a 5000 pound maximum capacity in a 1650 pound working load limit, part number EM52400. .

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