Erickson Ratchet Strap with Flat Hooks Review

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Review of the Erickson Ratchet Strap with Flat Hooks

Today, we're taking a look at the Erickson Ratchet Strap in a three inch by 30 foot long in a 15,000 pound maximum capacity with flat hooks on the end, part number 58514. This here is the end of our actual strap. You'll notice it has a flat hook. On this particular trailer, there's a lip built in that allow you to take the strap, come around and go back around the strap, over your cargo and you'll tie in with you ratchet on the other side of the trailer. The strap is three inches wide and a 30 foot overall length. It does have a capacity of 15,000 pounds but it has a 5,000 pound working load limit so you should really limit yourself to 5,000 pounds. Here's the ratchet end or the other end.

Again, we have a flat hook on it. In oder to work the ratchet, pull up on the lever here. You'll notice how it fairly engages. This slot right here at the other end feeds through. To release the ratchet, you'll simply pull up on the handle here.

You'll notice how it disengages. That will allow it to come free, as you pull the strap, it will release. Let's go ahead and do a quick demonstration on how you would use the ratchet strap. Go ahead and take the strap. Notice here. Come around.

For demonstration purposes, the strap is a little long. If you're going to use the strap for the same application each time, you can cut it and resinged the end of it to keep it from unraveling just like they did here from the factory. You could cut the strap down if you don't need all 30 feet of it. Go ahead and take the strap, we'll feed it through the slot here. Now that we have the slot put through here. Take the buckle on the end of the ratchet strap, up and around.

Just gently raise the lever. It is pulling the strap down tight and securing the load. Once you have the ratchet strap tighten down, we'll go ahead and take the handle, put it all the way down so that it locks into position. As you can see, we have a lot of excess start here. We're going to need to secure this before we can head down the road. Just go ahead and feed it back through. We're actually going to toss it back over the top side of the load and tie it off on the other side. Go ahead after we tossed it back over. We'll go around the rail again. Go ahead and wrap around a few times. We'll go ahead and secure it off. With our excess strap secured, we're ready to hit the road. When you're ready to unstrap your load, simply take the handle here, pull in on this handle right here as you can notice it releases from the locking mechanism here. You fold it up with the handle pulled. Go all the way. It releases the strap where you can pull down and then remove the strap from your load. Undo this from the side of the trailer. We'll drop it out. Since it's extra long, I'm not going to pull it through here then you go to the other side and undo it from the side. In addition to wrapping it underneath, you choose, you can also go like this to the side of your trailer. I just like to go the other way and make sure that the strap stays on. If for some reason something will come lose, the strap will stay connected to the trailer. With that, that completes our look at the Erickson Ratchet Strap in a three inch by 30 foot long in a 15,000 pound maximum capacity, part number 58514. .

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