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Erickson Industrial-Grade Truck/Trailer Tarp Review

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Review of the Erickson Industrial-Grade Truck/Trailer Tarp

Hey there haulers, today we're taking a look at Erickson's line of extra heavy duty tarps to cover your load, while you're heading down the road. We have these available in sizes ranging from 6 by 8 to cover something like you see here on this small utility trailer, all the way up to 12 feet by 24 feet for something like this trailer or even bigger. Now, regardless of which sides you get, the tarp is going to be made of the same material. It's a tight 14 by 14 nylon lead with a polyurethane coating to help it resist those sun rays, help protect your cargo from the sun and also from those harsh elements. Man And speaking of the material, if you feel it, you can just tell it's a heavy duty material. It's a 12 mil thickness, and you can see here on the end, it's actually doubled over.

So you get even more reinforcements on the side, but even here in the middle, it's very thick and durable. And that's what most of our customers are commenting on, on our site is how surprised they we're at the thickness and durability of it and how it's held up for such a long time for them. Man You can see our attachment points are these brass islets and they feature reinforced straps and stitching for extra durability. So when you got your strap on there and you're stretching that really tight, there's no chance you're going to tear this material. It's super durable.

There's even a thick cord that runs around the outside here to help prevent fraying. Now you will have tie-downs at every corner and depending on the size of the tarp that you purchase, you'll have a varying amount of tie-downs along the sides. Now I would recommend picking up some straps here from Erickson to secure your tarp down. We have bungee style straps, as well as ratcheting style straps, depending on your load. And it's really easy, depending on the size.

You may need an extra set of hands, but really just drape it over your load and secure it down, as you see fitNow with my tarp in place, I feel like my load is safe and secure. I don't have to worry about any of my boxes flying out, going down the road. And if there was any inclement weather, they'd be protected as well. And that completes our look at Erickson's line of extra heavy duty tarps..

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