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Erickson Flip-Up Stake Pocket Anchors Review

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Review of the Erickson Flip-Up Stake Pocket Anchors

Hi there, haulers. Today we're going to be taking a look at Erickson's flip-up stake pocket anchors. These are available either in chrome like you see here or black. Here you can see we've got our tie-downs installed, and we've got them in use. They're flipped up with our ratchet strap on them, holding our trash cans in place. They do come in a quantity of two, so we've got one for each side.

If you need another set for the rear of your truck, you can pick up another set. They're easy to install. You just drop the bottom plate down inside, and then when you tighten down the screws, the bottom plate and the top plate will clamp onto your stake pocket around the edge. There is no drilling or cutting required, just falls down on that stake pocket. Couldn't be any easier.So if you're looking to maximize the hauling capabilities and the safety of your truck, this is going to be a quick and easy way that's going to look great when it's installed as well.

Adding additional tie down points, especially here on top of the rails, can be nice for keeping that cargo inside your bed, especially you guys that have cargo nets. This is an easy way to hook those up and drape right over the top real fast. And if you'd like a cargo net or some ratchet straps to go along with it, Erickson has plenty available here at All of our tie-downs are going to be a steel with either a black or chrome plating on it to help protect it against corrosion, and underneath we'll have a gasket that will ensure that we don't cause any scratches or abrasions when installing it into our stake pocket here on top of our bed rails.You can see here compared to my thumb that our Ranger here has got some pretty small stake pockets. They do fit on here.

You might have to get your brackets in at an angle. We'll go ahead and show you that now. We'll begin our installation with the bottom plate lightly threaded on with our screw going down to the top. This is pretty much how it comes in your package here. You can put both screws in, but depending on your truck, depending on how large your stake pockets are, you may or may not be able to install it with two screws in it.

On our Ranger here, the stake pockets are a little bit too small for that. So we just have a single screw in it, and we're just going to drop the plate down inside of the hole.Then we can take the other screw and install it. To make it easier, you can run the screw up some. That'll just draw that bottom plate up closer, so when we drop the screw down, we've got some excess on top to be able to line it up with the hole and thread it in. Once you've got both screws started, we're then just going to choose the orientation of our stake pocket. We're going to have ours so that it flips up towards the inside of the bed, and then we're just going to run these screws down. We don't need to go crazy with them. We're going to go back and forth, tightening them down evenly. Then we'll just repeat the same process here on the other side. And that completes our look at Erickson's flip-up stake pocket anchors.

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