Erickson Ratchet Tie-Down Strap Review

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Review of the Erickson Ratchet Tie-Down Strap

Randy: Hey guys, it's Randy here at Today, we're taking a look at a ratchet strap from Ericsson. And this ratchet straps in the heavy duty line, has a lot of nice features about it. One of my favorite things is right here. This is what they call the web clamp. So our excess strap, and you see how large it's going to open up, has a lot of good tension on it, comes down and grabs a hold of it.You can see the teeth here do a good job of holding our strap, and see it's got a very strong spring there, helps keep that all bunched up nicely together.

Now with the exception of the web clamp here, this is going to work like any other ratchet strap. We've got our down position, that locks it in, all the way open is going to release it, and then that middle range, that's where we get our ratchet.The handle is nice and long, and it's plenty wide here, so regular hand, even with gloves, both the release here and the handle here are going to be easy to get ahold of. There's also some really nice grooves all around that handle, so as we grab a hold of it, you can feel your fingers really dig in and have plenty of purchase there to apply as much torque as you might need.Now the overall construction is really nice and solid. Unlike some of the lighter duty straps, try to squeeze and flex the steel, it doesn't go anywhere. We're also going to have that full yellow zinc coating on it.

It's going to prevent any issues we might have with corrosion. I have a set of these straps, been using them for a really long time. I really haven't had any issues with corrosion whatsoever.We're going to have that same finish on our flat hooks too. Now these are going to be really good for utility trailers. It might not have a good connection point, but there's always plenty of this flat steel, or with stake pockets these can go in, grab underneath that steel, and they're going to do a great job of holding everything in place, keeping it nice and secure.Now the strap itself, two inches thick and it's really nice and heavy duty.

Has a little bit of flex and a little bit of give there, help get everything nicely secured. And you'll notice it's printed on one side and not on the other. When we load up these straps, they always work best if we have our strap nice and flat as it goes into our ratchet so it doesn't bunch up.That's going to make it much easier trying to determine which way you should feed it through your ratchet. Now the strap itself is going to be 30 foot long, and it has a 3,300 pounds safe working load limit. That's the maximum force you'll want to put on this strap to use it safely.

And you want to keep in mind with that kind of length and that kind of capacity, these are going to be ideal for strapping down just about any large load that you might have.We always recommend though that you use these straps in pairs. Using just one, if you happen to not get it connected right, or it fails, you want to have a little bit of backup there to protect whatever you've got strapped down. Now to install your ratchet, you'll want to have the handle open, and you'll need the tag end of your other side. So you're going to pass that right through that center barrel, can bring it through and then flip it right around, then we want to pass it back through on the handle side.At that point, pulling on this end is going to shorten the length of our strap, so we can get it connected to the appropriate length that we need. We'll let our flat hook just go down and around there, pull out our slack, and ratchet it down to secure it. Now the excess, since we have so much, I'm going to take over, loop it around and bring it back, and we'll put it in our web clamp.So wanna make loops there, keeping in mind that we went the loops to be right in the center of that. It's going to be an excellent way to get this excess strip tidied it up, and we won't have to worry about it flapping around behind us. All right. That point, once you get everything secured down, you're going to be ready to hit the road.

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