Erickson E-Track Wheel Tie-Down Strap with Roller Idler and Ratchet Review

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Review of the Erickson E-Track Wheel Tie-Down Strap with Roller Idler and Ratchet

Jake: Hey, guys, Jake here with etrailer. Today we're going to be taking a look at, and I'm going to show you how to use, the Erickson tie down straps that's specifically designed to tie down your car inside an enclosed trailer or an open trailer.It's going to utilize the etrack technology. It's going to have three connection points. You'll have one here at the back for your ratchet track, you'll have a pulley up behind your wheel, and then you'll also have one in front of the wheel. What's going to separate this strap is it's going to have this pulley like we mentioned, it's going to allow you to get your strap in a more straight down orientation rather than having your ratchet right along your tire. So this is going to be a lot better for those lower profile cars where you want to keep the ratchet plenty far away from your tire.These straps are going to be two inches in diameter and be made out of a woven polyester material, and have a break strength of 3,300 pounds and a safe working load of 1,100 pounds.

Something I like that Erickson did with their straps is they changed it up a little bit by making the straps blue. It's going to be a nice bright blue color that will add to the look of your vehicle and trailer, so when you open up that trailer door when you get to your car show or wherever you might be going, people are going to notice that your vehicle is properly trapped down.Another nice thing that Erickson added, which is just an extra step to ensure that your vehicle is safe, they added these red tabs to be able to hold the rubber bumper from sliding too far one way or another. Ans this is going to allow even distribution of those rubber pads on your tire. I personally like these straps a lot because they're going to give you that superior strength when wanting to hold your car in one place when headed down the road. I'm not going to have to worry about my car going anywhere or getting damaged when I get there.You can buy these straps individually if you do so happen to have one that breaks or if you just need an additional strap, or you can buy the kit which is going to have two wheel chocks and two straps.

However, I would recommend if you plan on hauling a car, I would recommend picking up two additional straps in addition to the kit. These chocks are going to install in your etrack just like any other etrack accessory. It's going to give you a regular stopping point so you know where to stop your car.These are going to be a nice accessory because you're not going to have measure to make sure your cars back in the same place that you had it when you hauled your car there. They're also going to be very easily removable so that when you're not hauling your car, you can remove them and use your trailer as you will.Well guys, now that we've gone over some of the features that's going to set these straps apart from other straps, let's go ahead and show you how easy they are to get installed.The easiest way I've found to get it up and over your tire is to lay it out in a straight line behind the tire and then you can grab your front clasp and take it up and over your tire and then work it along your wheel well. What you're going to do is you're going to take your clasp and run it up the center of your tire and then feed the strap in as you run your hand along the wheel well.

So then you'll take your clasp and clamp it into the etrack.Next thing you're going to do when positioning the strap on your tire, so you're going to take these two triangular teeth and run them in the center groove on all three of your rubber bumpers here on your strap. These are going to insure that your strap will stay centered on your tire when going down the road.Now we're going to take our pulley and clamp it inside. You want to do it a couple of etrack spots away from your tire so that there's no chance that your tire's going to make contact with that pulley. Then we can pull out the slack and we can take our ratchet, run it through that slot, and then back over, and pull out the slack. Then we'll take our clamp, hook it into our etrack, pull out the rest of the slack.

Now we can take that, pull our release handle, and start cranking. There we go. And now we can tie up the excess.You're going to want to repeat this process for all four tires. I always would recommend using four straps when hauling a vehicle in your trailer. Well, guys, once you have your ratchet straps safely secured and you know your car's not going to go anywhere, you're ready to hit the road. With that being said, that's going to do it at our look and installation of our Erickson tie down straps.

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