Erickson Retractable Tie-Down Anchors Review

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Review of the Erickson Retractable Tie-Down Anchors

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Erickson retractable tie down anchors for truck bed stay pockets, part number EM01003. These heavy duty rings let you easily convert your open stake pocket to an accessible anchor point. They come in a quantity of 2. We've got one for each side, but you can pick up as many as you need for your truck bed stake pockets. It evenly distributes the pull on your entire stake pocket rather than just on one side. We'll go ahead and remove the strap so we can go over some additional features. The retractable spring loaded design lets you easily strap the rings either up or down so that it's not always protruding out of the stake pocket.

It uses stainless steel hardware, so it's going to stand up to the elements, and the plastic cap keeps dirt and debris out of our truck bed stake pockets. It's going to work with your 1998 through 2014 Ford F series trucks with 6 foot and 8 foot beds. It will also work with 1993 through 2012 Ford Rangers, 2000 through 2013 Chevy GMC trucks, and 1995 through 2015 Dodge Ram trucks. Now that we've gone over the features, I'll go ahead and show you how to get it installed. Now you're going to need a Phillips head screw driver, and what we're going to need to do first is go ahead and loosen up these screws here. Now depending on your set up, you may or may not need to remove the screws all the way.

To make it easier, I'm going to go ahead and take them all the way out. Be sure not to lose the lock washer. Once we've got the screws out, let's go ahead and set those aside. Let's go ahead and grab our anchor and pull it all the way up until it snaps into place. That way it just hangs down like so. Now the way this works is we want the black platform here to hook onto our truck bed side rails underneath, so I'm just going to drop it down.

What we want to do is we want to turn it sideways. You may have to tilt a little bit to kind of work it in. Get it below the truck bed side rail, and then rotate it around. Once that black plate there is hooking onto both sides, we can then lower the plastic cover down on top and replace our screws. Be sure to tighten down both sides evenly.

You want this entire plastic cap or cover to cover the stake pocket. Be sure not to over tighten. Once they're both nice and snug, they'll do their job. All right, perfect. We can push down our anchor to be sure that it's working, and we're all set. You can just repeat the same process for what other stake pocket you want to use. With both of them installed, we've gone ahead and loaded up some cargo. Now let's get ready to tie it down. The first thing we want to do is come in on our hook, go ahead and pull up until it locks into position. Now let's go ahead and strap down our cargo. You will have to provide your own strap. That's going to complete our look at the Erickson retractable tie down anchors for truck bed stake pockets, part number EM01003.

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