Erickson ATV Wheel Chock Review

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Review of the Erickson ATV Wheel Chock

Today on this enclosed trailer, we'll be installing the Erickson ATV Wheel Chock for 11" Wide Wheels in the black color, part number EM07507. Now, there's many different locations that you can mount this Erickson ATV wheel chock. In this case, we're going to be installing it in an enclosed trailer. The wheel chock does not come the mounting hardware, and you will need to provide that. Depending on where you're going to mount it will depend on what type of mounting hardware you'll be using. Now, in our case, we'll be screwing into the wood floor of the enclosed trailer. Now, as you can see here in this trailer, there's already another ATV turned sideways, as it's loaded in from the side door. So we're going to install our new Erickson ATV wheel chock to make sure that we don't ever run up too far, and either hit the other ATV, or it also helps us line up exactly where we need to put the rear ATV, so we leave plenty of room for the front one. Now, we'll first go ahead and roll in the ATV that we'll be using in this particular wheel chock.

Once we have it lined up where we want it, we'll go ahead and mark the floor where we'll need to screw it to the floor. Once we have our marks made, we'll go ahead and push the ATV back, and then we'll install our four screws that secure it to the floor of the trailer. Once we have our four screws in place, we can go ahead and push the ATV back up into position. Once we have our ATV pushed back up into position, it keeps the ATV from going forward and potentially hitting the other ATV, as well as from moving too far side to side, as the wheel will stay inside the wheel chock. We'll then go ahead and secure our ATV down with the two tie down straps, and we're ready to hit the road. And that's all there is to it to installing the Erickson ATV Wheel Chock for 11" Wide Tires in the black color, part number EM07507. .

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