Erickson 28x28 ATV Cargo Net Review

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Review of the Erickson 28x28 ATV Cargo Net

Kevin: Today I'll be going over the Erickson ATV Cargo Net, 28"wide x 28" long, part no. EM01014. You can use this ATV Cargo Net on either the front rack or the back rack of your ATV. You can see here we got our chainsaw and our gas tank loaded up as if we're going to go cut some trees down at the farm. The neat thing about this cargo net is that it has the ability to adjust. For example, if we're carrying maybe a large cooler down to something not as high, these clips can easily be adjusted. They simply can just be popped off.

You can see there's this little groove here on the other side and they just pop out. Then, we can just take that and then, depending on how tight we need to make the strap, or how much we need to adjust it, we can just clamp these back on to a different part of the net. Another neat thing are these nice finger holes. Usually, when you're pulling the hook tight around the bars or the gear, you usually have your finger here and actually kind of gets in the way of your connection point. This access hole, this allows you to quickly, conveniently pull it around, snap it over your utility rack on your ATV. Now, I'll just go ahead and drape the net over our gear, make sure it's nice and secure, and adjust it if we need to. Another neat thing about this is the diameter, or the actual curve, of the overall hook is pretty standard fit for the majority of the ATV racks.

See, this one here, we kind of have a lot of slack, so I'm going to use that neat feature. You want to pop that off, switch it up, pull this down nice and tight. Now that we've got our gear all loaded up, we can go ahead and head out into the woods. That will complete today's review of the Erickson ATV Cargo Net, 28"x 28", part no. EM01014. .

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