Erickson 10' Ratchet Tie Down Review

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Review of the Erickson 10' Ratchet Tie Down

Here at we'll be taking a quick look at the Erickson Light Duty Ratcheting Tie-Down Kit, Part Number E01418. This ratcheting tie-down kit has a wide variety of applications, whether using it to haul light duty cargo in your open or closed trailers or using it to tow maybe a dirt bike or UTV, ATV in the bed of your pickup truck. It's made of a light duty nylon webbing and is strong and durable and then the hooks are made of a strong steel construction. They have a nice vinyl coating so whatever you're going to secure your gear to, a anchor point or a manufacturer's anchor point on your pickup truck, this vinyl is going to protect your cargo and also your vehicle. Now these straps do measure 1 inch wide by 10 feet long, rated at 900 pounds and there are four straps to this kit. The ratchet itself is made of a sturdy stainless steel and that's going to help protect it from the elements and resist corrosion. We got a couple items that we're going to be using this tie-down kit to secure our gear to our tie down points.

Here we have a generator and we got some anchor points that are actually in the floor of our enclosed trailer which we're going to use to hook the hooks to and secure our generator for travel. What we're going to do to loosen up the straps so we can get enough slack to go around the generator, when the ratchet is closed there's a lever here at the top. We're going to push that forward and open up the ratchet. Then on the inside, there's this lever here on the bottom section of it. That's going to release those gears and allow us to pull on the strap with the hook and pull that out. You can see that barrel on the inside, or that reel on the inside, will loosen up and allow us to pull out for whatever slack that we need. I'm going to go ahead and hook it around the anchor point that we have here in the floor and take the strap and wrap it around our generator.

Now what we can do is take the end of the strap that does not have the hook and pull it tight. We then can lift up on that top lever, kind of where the handle's at, push the ratchet forward, and then start to crank it down. You can see that when we start to crank it down the strap is actually going to be curled up and spooled and that's what's going to keep the strap nice and tight and make sure our cargo arrives safely at our destination. Now with our generator all loaded up, we can finish using the remaining three straps to secure the rest of our gear and head on down the road. That'll complete todays' review of the Erickson Light Duty Ratchet Tie-Down Kit, Part Number E01418.


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