Edge Insight CTS Gauge Display Review

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Review of the Edge Insight CTS Gauge Display

Today we are going to review the Edge insight CTS pamper hitch gauge display, part number EP83830. This is a gauge system that's going to tie to the OBD two port on your truck. It will use data that the computer is collecting to provide information about your track systems while you are driving. It will not actually alter the tune or settings on the computer. Inside the packaging, you will find these items here. Here is the user guide and quick install guide.

It also contains the software that you can install in your computer that contains the driver's and everything necessary to update your display. Next is the CTS display itself. It has a full color touch screen that you can use to control the gauge system. There's also an OBD2 cable that will connect from the gauge to the OBD2 port on your truck, a USB cable that you can use to connect the insight monitor to your computer and update. There's also a suction cup mount for attaching to the windshield so you can keep an eye on the gauges while you are driving.

Finally, there are some zip ties and an alcohol wipe that'll come in handy when installing the system on your truck. Next, we'll show you how to use the CTS display gauge. On first boot up the gauge is going to display a warming and well have to agree to continue. We'll go ahead, and put our key in the ignition and turn the vehicle to the on position. Since we are demoing this unit on a Ford F250, we are going to go ahead and select Ford.

Next to the CTS display gauge will confirm that the key is in the ignition and in the on or on position and that we selected the proper make for our truck. Next, we are going to through and set some of gauges. By default, we already have our speed gauge and miles per hour. In the lower left hand corner, we have engine RPM and a digital read out. In the lower right corner, we have battery voltage read out.

Again, it is a digital counter. The left side analogue gauge is the engine cooling temperature, and it's red in degrees Fahrenheit and finally on the right hand gauge we have boost pressure in PSI. We are going to ahead and show you how to adjust these gauges if you want to change the parameter that they display. We'll touch our mile per gauge, and we are going to select a new PID. The CTS display gauge will show us all the PDIs that we can have on that gauge. We use the arrow on the left hand side to move up and down the menu. We are going to set this gauge to turbo boost. Then we'll exit the menu. We'll change our right hand gauge now. Again, touch the gauge, touch select new PID and scroll through till you find the new PID you want to display. Like here, we'll do intake air temperature. At the center of the display is the main menu button. Touching this will take us to the main menu of the inside display. The diagnostic tab will show us trouble codes, and we can even run performance tests, keep track of vehicle records and there's a mileage coach program that will help get the most fuel economy out of your vehicle by changing your driving behaviors. We'll touch the menu to go back up a level on the menu. The maintenance manager allows us to keep track of maintenance items like oil changes, fuel filter changes, and air filter changes on our vehicle. We can tell the systems which particular items we want it to monitor and the interval or frequency we want to change those items. On the options menu we can change some of the options such as screen layout, tire size or menu time out. We can also change between English units and metric. Under the options menu the screen layout menu allows us to change the appearance of the screen. You can determine how many gauges to display if we touch the analogue gauge screen menu we can then scroll through and look at the different backgrounds for our gauges. As we change the background, we may also need to change the color of our gauges to make sure we can still easily see them. To do this we'll touch the gauge, it will bring up our option menu and then well select gauge color to change the color of our gauges. Next, we'll take it for a test drive and show you how the gauges work on the road. We've only shown you a small sample of what the gauge system can do. For more information make sure to take a look at the CS CTS user guide included with the display system and that does it for our review of the Edge insight complete gauge system, part number EP83830.

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