Edge Insight CS Guage Display Review

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Review of the Edge Insight CS Guage Display

Today well be reviewing Edge Insight CS part number EP83730. With the Edge Insight CS youre able to view up to eight parameters on time on the display. The Edge Insight CS is designed to be use of vehicles that have OBD II port meaning that you must have at least the 1996 to newer vehicle. The Edge CS has features such as a fuel manager to help you figure out what your fuel economy is. It keep track of odometer miles, how much a gallon a fuel is, as well as there is also a gauge once you setup the feature that allows you to watch and keep track of if youre being a good fuel economy range or if youre maybe a little too heavy on the gas pedal. Other features with this unit, is it allows you troubleshoot the codes for your vehicle.

You can also clear the codes if you do happen to have one. Youll also be able to setup maintenance tracker which allows you to setup time periods in which it will alarm you when you need to change thing such as air filter, oil filter, doing oil change, etcetera. The visual screen gives you an exhaust gas temperature readout, a boost readout as long as the mile per hour readout. On the center of the top there is also power level indicator if you use the accessories that are available from Edge you can change the power level for your vehicle. This unit does not enhance the power or performance of your vehicle it is only use for the digital readout.

Other options with this particular unit or you can set it up for quarter mile time, zero to 60 time, as well as keeping track of multiple runs if youll be using this maybe in a drag racing applications. There other Edge accessories which are sold separately such as EGT Thermocouple and custom dash pad that also work with this particular unit. The Edge Insight CS works the other Edge as well as other performance products to help you keep track if you have any tuning done on your vehicle. That will do it for our review of the Edge Insight CS part number EP83730. .

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