Edelmann UltraLube Spray Lubricant Review

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Review of the Edelmann UltraLube Spray Lubricant

Today we're going to review the Edelmann ultra lube bio-based spray and penetrant lubricant, part number L-1-0-4-4-4. Our ultra lube comes in a nice, aerosol can and includes a smart straw. We take the straw off, pop off our cap, we can put the ends in the nozzle. This will allow us a more precise spray of our lubricant, versus if we take the straw off, we get a wider, more volume spray. A fact about our ultra lube is it has four times more lubricity in the penetrant than your standard WD-40 or PB blaster lubricants. Another really nice feature about the ultra lube is it can operate at a higher working temperature. This will help to keep the equipment or tool cooler, avoiding damage or possibly even breakage. The ultra lube is a bio-based lubricant, which is made from US-grown crops.

This makes it safe to use, even around the house, because it's eco-friendly. It's good for both commercial and light-duty household applications. Here we can use it on a well nut, or any rusty nut for that matter. Simply spray it down and it will make it easier to install your hardware or remove your hardware if it's rusted into the nut. Whether using around the house or in a commercial application, another use could be here on your garage door hinges. Whether you're spraying the hinge itself or the roller in track. Another good use for our spray lubricant is on a squeaky door hinge.

A little bit of lubricant worked in to the hinge can take care of any squeaky or stickiness in that hinge. That will do it for our review of the Edelmann ultra lube bio-based spray lubricant, part number L-1-0-4-4-4.

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