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Duracell 12V Power Strip Inverter Review

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Review of the Duracell 12V Power Strip Inverter

What's up everybody it's AJ with . Today, we're going to be checking out this power inverter power strip from Duracell. And what this is going to do, you can plug it right here into your 12 volt port, just like that. And now you have a power strip in your vehicle. So you can set it there, plug it in your laptop or anything in the wall outlets here or you have USB down at the bottom. So if you want to just charge your phone here, plug your laptop in here, you can do that.

We plugged in a bunch of devices just to show it all working in the same time. We got a power brick plugged into the AC port here and that's charging there. Then we have our tablet plugged into this one and then a phone charging with one of the USBs. So you can see, you can handle all three of these at the same time. And we still have another USB port.

If we had another phone or another tablet, or you just want to switch the tablet over, we can plug it into that USB port instead, which would free up this port. If we had a laptop or something we can plug in there and we can kind of just mix it around. So you have plenty of options and it's very versatile, so I really liked that. The whole power strip has a watt rating of 175. Now that's going to be starting watts.

So that means when you go to turn something on, it's going to peak. So it's like plugging in your vacuum cleaner at home. You flip the switch, the lights dim for just a second; that's what's going on. And it hits that peak and then drops back down to running watts, which the max running watts on this is going to be 150. So just make sure you keep your electronics around that and it can handle that, it can run that all day long.

This power strip runs on modified sine wave as opposed to pure sine wave, which modified sine wave is what we found in our research; seems to run a little bit hotter sometimes is what people are saying. That's all right because it's got the vents at the bottom to help with that if it does start to overheat and it's got a fan built in here at the end , so that's going to help get that heat out of there if it does happen to overheat. Along with it being protected from overheating, it's also protected from overloading, short-circuiting, or over or under voltage. So just, you know, if it's underpowered or overpowered, it's not going to send that to your electronics. It's not going to send those surges after that. It's going to protect them against that kind of stuff. Overall, I think this is a good thing to have. I mean, I've got several power strips in my house just to make those outlets, you know expand on those, what I already have. I think it would be great to have in your vehicle. Especially if you travel out for work or you're using your laptop a lot or other devices. It's nice to have this in there. You have those ports, you can always be powered and charged up. You don't have to worry about low batteries or anything. Well, I think that does it. Thanks for hanging out, and I hope this helped..

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