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Duracell Portable Lithium Jump Starter with Bluetooth Review

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Review of the Duracell Portable Lithium Jump Starter with Bluetooth

AJ: What's up everybody It's AJ with Today we're going to be checking out this Duracell lithium jump starter. And this is going to come in handy if you ever have a dead battery and you're on your own, there's no other vehicles around. Even if you have jumper cables in the back, you can't ask for a jump from anybody, you'll be on plug this right in here, hook this up to your battery and get it started. Comes in handy because this is kind of small and compact compared to your other options.I worked at car lots before, or we had big old jump boxes. We actually had one here.

We have A jump box where just in case we have a vehicle we need to jump. They have to lug that thing around. You don't want to put a big old jump box in the back of your vehicle. This will fit underneath your seat and be out of the way. Let's check it out.

We're going to go ahead and give it a start-up here. We drained the battery a little bit, leaving the lights on for extended period of time. Not a whole lot, but let's go ahead and see how the jump box works.You've got a rubber cover that covers up and protects all the ports here. You have the port where you hook up your jumper cables. You have a USB port where you can use this as a power bank and plug something in and charge it.

Or you can charge it with this micro USB here. We're going to plug in our jumper cables. You'll notice once I plug it in the green light starts going. And one good thing about this is that it's set up that even if let's say you're hooking up your battery, you're not paying attention, you hook it up wrong, it's not going to fry your battery.That's something that you don't get that protection from when you use just standard jumper cables. This, you hook it up wrong, it'll turn red and warn you and beep, and that means you got them hooked up wrong.

Now it's not going to do anything. It's not going to damage this or your battery. It just warns you that you need to flip them around. With that flipped around, you'll get a solid green. That means it's good to start your car.Even with the compact design that works with a bunch of different vehicles. It works vehicles with up to an eight cylinder engine, which would be six liters gas and three liters diesel. If you need something more than that, NOCO has the one for you. What I really like about the jump starter is that it's not just a jump starter. There's a lot more going on here. You have a flashlight built in, which if you've ever broken down at night, it's super handy just because you don't have one laying around, you've got this. You can count on it.Hit it a second time. One is the brightest. This dims it just a little bit. And the third press puts on an SOS or emergency setting. That way you can set it on the side of the road if you need help, people will see that and know something's wrong. Another thing is it works as a power block. Again, if you're broke down, you've got no power in your car, your phone's barely running, you can plug in a USB into it and it'll charge your phone.I think that's pretty useful. Not only does it help jumpstart your car and get you a charge on your phone, just in case your car can't, it really helps you out in all those emergency situations. Another you probably saw is the Bluetooth button here on the jump starter. You can push that, it's activated and it'll connect to your phone. That way it gives you how much percentage you have on the jump starter. Now it has a button on it too. You can hit that and it'll give you a readout of how much charge it has. It looks like it's at 75% here, 70 here. That looks like it's pretty accurate.With all the accessories it comes with, it's nice. It comes with a bag too, to keep it all in the same spot. Otherwise you have this all separate in the car when you need it. You can just go ahead and put your jumper cables in there. It's got a regular USB, USB micro that comes with it. That way you can charge this. Comes with one for your car charger. You can plug that in. Then this fits in there too. A little bit of rearranging on my part. You can cinch it up and it'll all stay together. Now it fits there nice and neat underneath your seat or in the trunk of your vehicle.This is a more traditional jump box here from Duracell. You'll see how much bigger it is in our compact jump starter here. Now it does have a built in compressor, but they're usually about this size. Another thing to point out is this one has peak amps up to 750. Our smaller compact one has 1,100. If you're looking to use it on a diesel vehicle, this one's not going to be the one for you. This will actually be more powerful and help you out way more while saving you space at the same time.Overall, I think it's pretty handy. I think it's going to help you out and you can count on it. I like that it says that at a full charge, it'll last for an entire year if you don't use it. You just charge it for that four hours it takes to get to a full charge, leave it in the back of your vehicle underneath your seat. It's going to be there when you need it. And it's not just for getting that quick jump on the car. You have the flashlight built in there, or if just something we're to happen where your car dies and you're not around or need to go mobile, you can plug in your phone and charge that on the go too. There's plenty of options to use this. And I think it's going to really come in handy for you. Well, I think that does it. Thanks for hanging out. And I hope this helped..

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