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Draw-Tite 2-5/16 inch Chrome Hitch Ball Review

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Review of the Draw-Tite 2-5/16 inch Chrome Hitch Ball

Today, we're gonna be taking a look at the Draw-Tite trailer hitch ball. So with the hitch balls, one, we wanna make sure it's gonna work with our trailer. So look on your coupler and it's usually gonna tell you what size it is. So this one is 2 5/16, it's made of steel, has a nice chrome finish to it. One thing I would definitely add to this is grab a little bit of grease. We have it here at etrailer.

It's just gonna keep this thing from heating up and also starting to chip away at everything. So we want to keep it looking as nice as we can for as long as we can, and that grease is gonna help. So just add that to your cart. Also, this is gonna have a capacity of 7,500 pounds. So you wanna match it up with the correct ball mount, as you can see, 7,500 pounds, might as well piece them all together so we're not limiting ourselves from the start.

But another thing to think about is you're gonna need to get a ball mount. So the shank of this is gonna have a diameter of one inch, so you wanna find a ball mount that's gonna have that diameter of one inch, and this is about 2 1/8 inches long, meaning the shank. And what you need to know about that is just make sure that the plate that it's mounted to is gonna be in between 3/8 of an inch to 7/8 of an inch thick. We just wanna make sure that they're gonna get along, but these two right here are literally perfect for each other. There really isn't a whole lot when it comes to hitch balls, pretty much, if you wanted to upgrade, you can get one that's just made out of a solid machine steel, or if you needed to get a rise out of your ball mount, but you don't feel like grabbing a new one, there are also some that are a little bit taller, so the ball will give you an extra inch or two rise.

So that's something to kind of think about, but at the end of the day, I don't really need anything fancy. I don't even see it. It just gets underneath our coupler and we bring our trailers on our way, this gets the job done. And I think it's gonna be a great choice for you. And that'll do it for a look at the Draw-Tite 2 5/16 inch trailer ball..

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