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Review of the Dometic Portable Camping Toilet

What's up, everybody It's AJ, with Today, we're going to be checking out this portable toilet from Dometic. It's nice and small, and compact, and made to go anywhere with you. So if you're taking your camper out, you don't have a bathroom in there, you're just camping in a tent in the woods, or even if you're on your boat, you need to go to the bathroom, you want the comforts of home, this will go with you.We're using the five gallon tank, today. It does come in a smaller one, a two and a half gallons. And that might be good for, if it's just one person or if you're just buying it for emergency uses only.

But I would suggest the five gallon tank because good for families, and you don't want to have to go to the dump station every single day. You're going to at least wait a couple days to go before you dump this one.So the plan here today, is to check out the features, make sure it works like it's supposed to, and then we're going to check out some of the questions you asked, and hopefully we can answer them for you.Went ahead and brought in our portable toilet, and set it down in the camper. There's not a lot of room in here, and I'm not sure if I'd actually want to use it in here. It's very cramped, really close to where people are sleeping, so I think that's why it's good to just grab it by the handle, and we'll go out in the woods. But while we're in here, might as well give you some measurements on where it's actually going to fit, so maybe you can look at your camper and decide if it's going to work there, or not.

It's 15 inches tall, and then 15 and 1/2 inches long, and then 13 and 1/4 inches wide. So while it's not as big as your toilet at home, then it's meant to be portable, it's supposed to be small, compact, and you can take it with you. So if it doesn't fit in your camper, you can take it outside.Now that we've got a little more room, let's check out its features. It's got a top cover and a foldable seat, just like your toilet at home. You got here is where you add the water, because I can still flush on the go.

Just because it's portable, doesn't mean you can't flush it. So fill the water up, to right about to where the cap starts, like down here, and once you've done that, this is how it flushes. I'm going to go ahead and open up this lever, which opens up the bottom for the waste to go into the gray tank underneath, that's where when we disconnect it, we'll dump that tank. But I wanted to show you how it worked. Every time you go to use it you'll need to flush, and you'll do that by pumping this about 15 times, and what that does is build up air pressure inside.I'll go ahead and lift the seat up too, so you can see it.

Water will come out of there and help rinse out the bowl. So I'm going to push this button here on the front, and that's what activates it. So let's check it out. So not as powerful as your one at home, but it's nice to have that feature, and still be portable. You don't have to hook up any power to this, there's no batteries or anything like that, it all works on the air pressure you make with this pump. Some other details you we're asking about was the bowl depth. It's about seven inches from the top here, to the bottom of the bowl.With it being portable, you might be worried about smells escaping, or any issues like that. You can open up the gray tank. A good way to prepare it before you take it out on your trip, is you open up that valve at the bottom, and you pour your deodorizer right there into the bottom of the tank. That way it stays in there and helps break down any of the waste that's in there, or the toilet paper, or break it down, so when you go to dump it out, it's way easier than it would be if you didn't do it.A lot of you we're asking, "How can you tell if it fills up" Well, this one has a gauge here you can look at, and see where the waste is through this little window here, then you know when it's time to dump it. It seems like it takes about two days before you need to dump it, so just keep that in mind when you're going on your trips. Now that it's full, let's take it apart. I'll flip it around, all you got to do is pull out on this tab, and the top half of the toilet will separate from the tank on the bottom. It helps to grab this handle to push down on that, while you pull up on that, and it detaches very easily. I'll set the top part of the toilet aside. So one tip, before you go to take it apart, is make sure with the top half on there, you pull the handle all the way out, and push it all the way back in. That way, just in case there's any waste on the top or any water, you get it dropped down into that tank.See, this seal on the outside acts like a squeegee, and will push any of that off. And that way, it's nice and clean when you go to pick it up. With it all closed up, you can just grab the handle. Now we can take this to our dump station, to go ahead and get rid of the waste. And when we get to our dump station, you can just bring this pipe out here, unscrew the cap, and you can empty it that way. But the cool thing I want to show you is you can't accidentally pour it out. See, I didn't turn the switch on this valve, so that means it's not going to let any waste out. Which is good, just to show you, just in case you lean over or something, and you didn't pull this, nothing's going to spill out or go anywhere. You actually have to open up this valve to get the water out of there.When you're ready to put it back together, you just push it down, it'll snap into place. See, I can't just lift it up. Awesome for when you go grab it by the handle, and you don't have the top lid coming open, it snaps into place and I like that. Otherwise, if you didn't, that's what would happen while you're carrying it, I don't think you want that. I'll do it again. So just going to push down, again we'll listen for that snap. Sounds pretty audible to me, it's pretty loud. Now I know it's all connected, and we're going to put it back in our camper.In total, it weighs about 11 pounds, so that's not too heavy, it's easy to carry around. But remember, the more you use it, the more the tank's going to get filled up. And whatever's in there that you're filling up with, is going to make it heavier. So maybe don't wait till it's completely full, before you go and dump it. Maybe wait till it's halfway full or something, where it's easy to pick up and take me to the dump station.Another question we got a lot was about the valves and the seals. I didn't have any problems with it. When I was using it, I filled it up with water, flushed down into the tank. I was lifting it up, turning it upside down. Even when I separated it, I looked and saw the seals, wait for any of the water to drip back out, there wasn't a problem on our end, here. Now, some things that you want to check is always make sure this is closed, when you're opening and separating them. That way, there's no water can then leak through down in the bowl, here. I can see that causing problems, if you left that open, when you go to take it apart. Just make sure that's closed. And just be mindful and be careful of it, because I think a lot of it might be human error. If you just accidentally leave it open a little bit, there's going to be a little bit of leakage. So, make sure you double, even triple-check, before you go to lift it up and dump it.All in all, I think the portable toilet's pretty nice. I mean, it all fits together really well, it snapped into place, it flushes really easy, I like the air pump, that way it builds up air pressure and flushes that way. Compared to some of the other toilets in your camper rigs, like a cassette one, you still have to install that in your rig, and hook it up to fresh water. Some of them take batteries, and then that way you have to have more stuff weighing you down when you're carrying it. This one's the great, complete package, because you don't need anything extra. You just grab this and take it with you, no installation, it's good to go when you're good to go. Now, you've seen me talk about it quite a bit, but you should check out the conversation I had earlier with the riders, today. Well, it's pretty self-explanatory, but considering that this is, it might be pretty unusual. I know there are a lot of options, as far as portable toilets go. I know that this one's a little more complicated than some of the less glamorous options that are out there. So I'm assuming it's, from what I know, it's actually pretty simple to use. Yeah. You guys we're able to get it under your, figure it out pretty easily Oh, yeah. Yeah, it's that simple. It's even got the directions here on the back, just in case somebody gets confused on exactly the steps to do. But yeah, it's really easy to use. I researched some of the other ones online, like you said, "They have some other bells and whistles," but I think this is the better option, because of how bare-bones it is. You don't need. Like some of them had batteries and stuff, to tell you where the waste level would be. This one is not, no power or anything, you can really just take it and go. You don't need anything special for it. So, I like that part of it, because if you're looking for a portable toilet, you want it to be as portable as possible, and less stuff on your mind think about. They're like, Oh, I brought it, but the batteries are. I don't have this other extra part or whatever. Right. I know that there's a level of, I guess, prep that you have to do for this type of toilet compared to just something that's. I think there you have like some disposable options that aren't as high end. So in order to get this ready you need to, I guess, pressurize it and make sure there's enough water in it. Mm-hmm(affirmative). Is that something that you guys had to come across Yeah. Yeah, we pressurize it before we flushed it and we didn't actually put any chemicals in it. The prep either though you just pull this and put the chemicals or the little tablets you could drop right down there into the tank and then seal it up that way it helps break down the waste and stuff inside there. If you're probably buying this, you probably don't have too many options. I mean, you don't, maybe you have a camper that doesn't have a dedicated bathroom or you just need something for some kind of emergency, so. Yeah, we showed it in the pop-up camper right here where you can't see inside now, but there's not a whole lot of space. We found one place you could actually put it, but explained, probably won't if you want to use it in this cramped camper, you'd actually probably take it out to the woods and use it out there. So then we took it out, the other half of the video, in the woods. Right. Now, I'm wondering if you we're even able to test this. One thing is that you don't want any sort of nasty smells coming up from the holding tank that's on the toilet. We didn't get any of the solutions or anything poured in here. But, I mean, you just pour it out of the tank and that's where it breaks down there. I did take it apart and move it around and check the seals and stuff, and there wasn't any leakage or anything when I was holding it. I had it up, shook it around a bit with some water, just to see if there was any droplets and felt, the only thing I think people might have an issue with is just making sure they double, triple-check that this is pushed all the way, and because when you go to take it apart, if that tank part is open it very little bit at the bottom, you're going to get spills or leaks so it's going to be bad. Right. Yeah. I'm assuming it's not that heavy, it's a pretty easy to haul around. Oh, yeah. It's I think it was what 11 pounds empty. It comes apart really easily. And it has disposable spout. It probably makes it easier to empty. Yep. You can start to the side, take the cap off, pour it out. Another cool thing was, this valve, you have to turn it open to let the water out so you could turn it. With it closed, it's not going to leak out. So if you accidentally did trip or something or turn it, it's not going to just spill wherever you pour it. Right. With the open position, water dumps on my shoe. Yeah. Seems pretty easy to use, I mean, all things considered. Because it does give off a vibe of being a little bit. Well, since it's still higher end, I'd expect it to be a little bit harder to use, but it seems really simple. Yep, it was. Speaker 3: And all of the septic safe stuff is fine with this, the septic safe toilet paper and treatments and everything that you we're alluding to before those, should all be good for this Oh, yeah. I know they make their own specific ones, I don't know about all of them. I only looked up the Dometic stuff. They had deodorizer that we saw on the website and they had some pallets that would work with it. Speaker 3: And we're looking primarily at people who have a small pop-up camper like this, or are we thinking like van campers, overlanders, all of the above All the above, it seems like. Even boats I saw that mentioned too, so. Speaker 3: Cool. Do we know of any other, I know this is the only one or I think we might have another one from Dometic on our site, but do we know of other types or brands out there and how the Dometic compares I didn't look up other four ones just like this, but I did look up cassette style and complex style, compared it to those. Those are usually attached or you have to run them fresh water to them, so they're not really portable like this one. Speaker 3: Yeah. So the cassette style would be like the next step up as far as sizing, right I mean, it's not a full-size toilet in a full size RV necessarily. You're not going to run, you're not going to have a whole tank that you have to empty. It's just a small cassette tank, like a suitcase that you'd pull out and be like, you would empty this guy Yeah. I think it's essentially just a bigger version. Think essentially this would be the cassette and that board, you just pull this out from underneath the camper or whatever your rig is and you go take it to the dump station like this. Anybody else got a question Speaker 4: It is right here, huh! Speaker 3: Are there any other thoughts on who's using this or why I guess it's fairly self-explanatory, right It's- Yeah. Speaker 3: . you need a toilet and you don't have one. Currencies. I read a bunch of reviews online of people even just throw it in their car for the long trips. They need a toilet, they've got one. It seems, like you said, it just breaks down to just having this on the go anywhere you are. Speaker 3: Well, it's digging a hole, I guess. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, all things considered there. I was looking up some other types of, guess portable facilities and none of them we're that I saw we're New land. This seems, for a portable toilet, like I said, it was pretty high end. Some of the other options are, I don't know, I guess primitive would be the word that I'm thinking of. Speaker 3: More chamber pot like Yeah. That's far off, I mean. Speaker 3: Yeah. This might be a weird question, but did you sit on it Did it feel like a toilet I did not sit on it. Speaker 3: I mean, it looks- Looks like a toilet. Speaker 5: Sounds like it there. I guess I can sit on it, that's what you guys want. Speaker 3: . Just to get a feel for the size. I mean, it looks comfortable enough, right It's better than going against the truth, I guess. Yeah, yeah. Other than that. Speaker 3: Yeah. It feels sturdy. Speaker 3: Yeah. I was going to see how sturdy it was, because it, I don't know, looks a little bit. You don't want to break off the lid or anything like that, so. Yeah. Speaker 3: Yeah. I mean the truth is if you have bad knees, but you still like to camp, you need to sit. I have bad knees and it's unpleasant. So anytime you have the option of having something where you can sit, even in a place where you wouldn't think that you would need to, because maybe you're just out in the woods camping for a weekend, I'm sure it would be helpful. So I think that does it for a look at the Dometic portable toilet. I hope this helped.

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