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Diamond 1141/1156/1003 LED Light Bulb Review

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Review of the Diamond 1141/1156/1003 LED Light Bulb

Adam: What's going on everybody Adam here with etrailer. Today we're going to be taking a look at an LED replacement bulb. This is going to be a replacement for all of your 1141, 1003, and 1156 bulbs. They come in a pack of two, so grab as many as you need and we are going to have one that's going to be a more cool white color, and then another one's going to be a nice warm light color. That all just depends on whatever color scheme you all are going with on the inside of your RV.These are going to have about 180 degrees of light coming down and we have a lot of different diodes on the end there. All in all, LED is the way to go so let's just get to it.Just to show the difference between the two different colored types.

As you can see, this one is nice and warm and then another one's going to be nice and white. The white one's going to be for more so the interiors that are going to be more gray, more blacks, stuff like that. And then the warm light's going to be honestly for this RV. We have a lot of tan colors going on on the inside of the RV, especially with the cabinets and stuff. I like the warm light because it reminds me of home.

It's kind of a little bit warmer looking, usually what kind of bulbs you put in your house.These are going to be more so kind of that office setting type. Just really, really bright and as you can see, we have white shades here. It really shows off the white there. But with the warm light, it's a little off-white. All just depending on what your tastes are.As far as measurements go, we are going to have an overall length of about an inch and a half and the width of this part here is going to be about a half an inch and the BA15S fitting right here is going to have a length of about three quarters of an inch.When comparing a basic incandescent bulb with our LED bulb, we're going to have a lot of big differences, but the most difference we're going to see is the power.

With the 18 diodes on the end here, we're going to get about 270 lumens which is about the same as our average bulb here, but the average bulb is going to pull a lot more power.The LED is going to be about .17 amps and it is going to be pulling about 1.9 watts, which is a whole lot. About five to six times less than our average filament bulb. But the cool thing about this is, this only has one little piece in there that's going to be lighting up. We have 18 different diodes so if one decides to go out, we have others that are going to light it up. But the nice thing about it is, there is a surge protector on the inside of this just in case.

Whenever you're hooked up to random RV parks, sometimes you see surges in the electric, so with this one if it surges it might pop, but this one we're going to have a little protector on the inside of it as well.The nice thing about it is, we are going to be able to dim this LED bulb, which some of them you don't see that so if you have some dimmable fixtures inside of your RV, we're going to be able to dim them with this LED bulb.When it comes to electronic appliances inside of our RV, it all just depends on how much power they're drawing. We really need to pay attention to that. Yes, it's a bulb, it's not going to take a whole lot, but the difference between a normal bulb and a LED bulb is kind of significant and we have dozens of bulbs inside of our RV. Converting all of them to LED is going to help just because we don't know what kind of power we're going to be able to hook up to, depending on where we are at. Maybe if one of the plugs that we usually use don't work, so we have to power down from what we're used to using. That's really where it kind of shines.These LED's are going to pull a lot less and that's definitely good. And they're also going to last a lot longer, so compared to our normal filament bulb, this one is going to last about 50,000 hours, which is a lot so you're going to get a lot of different uses out of them.Other than that, I'm just going to let you know my opinion. LED is the way to go. Don't buy these, buy some sort of LED bulb. We have a lot here at etrailers. Just go ahead, figure out how many you need. Go on our website, buy as many as you need, put them in, and start saving your energy. Other than that, that's pretty much it for our look at the LED spot bulb and I'm Adam with etrailer.

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