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Diamond 1076/100 20 Lumens Warm White LED Light Bulb Review

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Review of the Diamond 1076/100 20 Lumens Warm White LED Light Bulb

Hello neighbors. It's Brad here at etrailer. And today we're taking a look at the Diamond platinum LED bulb, and this is going to be a replacement for any bulb that is a 1076, or a 1004. White technology has come a very far way. And one of those inventions that's done that is the LED bulb. Not only does it last longer, but this bulb in particular, nearly up to 50,000 hours, but also they're more efficient and they burn cooler.

Now this one that we have here is 3,500 K, which gives off a nice warm light, but it's also 310 lumens. So it's plenty bright and gives off enough light for this bathroom and then some. So on our right, we have our previous fixture that has two incandescent bulbs. And it's not a bad light, puts off a decent amount and it's any kind of a yellowish, white color. Whereas on our left, we have our LED.

And you can tell it's definitely a brighter color, a little more white toned. And also it just looks a little bit more modern. In this camper, we've decided to upgrade or update our light fixture here. So we have the incandescent bulbs here and a fixture before, and we put this one in. Now this is a bayonet style.

And so we needed to replace it. So the bayonet style has two pins, one on each side from each other. And the way that it goes into the fixtures, you simply slide this through the slots and twist it into place. Also grabbing the bulb. It's not necessarily hot.

There is some metal around it that can get warm, but LEDs in nature tend to be a little bit cooler than your incandescent bulbs. Now, other styles of bulbs have the exposed diodes and they work perfectly fine, but for a bulb that you're actually going to see, this gives a much nicer, a little classier look to it, but still emits a very bright powerful light. LED bulbs are actually going to be a better option for a bulb in general for your camper. That's because they don't have a filament. And if you've ever played with a light bulb, you see a little coil through it. It's pretty fragile and all that rocking back and forth while in transport can damage those bulbs. That's not the case with the LEDs. You're not really going to have any issues with that. These do come in a two-pack. So whether you're just replacing one bulb or you're converting all of your lighting in your camper, pick some of these up and with the lifespan of 50,000 hours, this could last longer than the camper itself. And that was a look at the Diamond LED replacement bulbs. Thanks for watching..

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