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Diamond 1076/1004 Double Contact Bayonet LED Light Bulb Review

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Review of the Diamond 1076/1004 Double Contact Bayonet LED Light Bulb

Hello neighbors it's Brad here at E-trailer. And today we're taking a look at the Diamond Platinum LED bulb and this replaces a 1076 or a 1004 bulb. LED bulbs have come a long, long way in the past few years. And part of that reason is they really do a lot more than your standard incandescent bulb. Not only do they last longer, they emit a brighter light and they tend to be cooler. So overall they're a great choice for updating or replacing.

This bulb is a 5500 case. So that's gonna give a nice, cool blue light. That's very clean and also highlights a lot of things that you might not see with a normal incandescent. So it actually puts out 320 lumens, which is plenty for a camper bathroom like this, or even a larger space. To truly see the difference between incandescent and LED.

You see on the right is what we previously had. And this actually has two incandescent bulbs, and it's gonna be using quite a bit of electricity compared to our LED. Which not only is brighter but way more efficient and last longer. Now you may have seen other LED bulbs that actually have exposed diodes. Now these work great but sometimes when you see an exposed bulb you see the bright white little circles.

Well, this one actually has a nice outer coating here. That's gonna still illuminate the same amount of light but also give it a nice look to it. And it gives it a nice modern touch to any fixture. If you've ever played with an incandescent bulb you see the coil in there and that's what illuminates and gives you that light. Now those can break and become brittle especially with vibration.

So these LED bulbs don't work in the same way, so they are really resistant to vibration. In fact, they're gonna be a great choice for your camper and you can go down the road hit some bumps and it's not gonna damage your bulb at all. The bayonet style bulb has two little knobs here, and that works really well at keeping a good contact. So you simply slide it up into the grooves on the fixture, give it a twist and it's gonna stay in place. So whether you're upgrading to a new fixture that needs a bayonet style bulb or you wanna replace your existing bulbs with LED in your bayonet style. These are gonna be an awesome, effective, efficient way to give it a nice modern touch. And that was a look and installation of the Diamond Platinum LED light bulbs..

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