Detail K2 Flip Rack Fold Down Ladder Rack Review

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Review of the Detail K2 Flip Rack Fold Down Ladder Rack

Today we're going to be taking at the Detail K2 Flip Rack. This is a combination headache bar and ladder rack setup. It's part number is K2 TFR150. The first feature I would like to show you here is the flip down ladder rack is in a stored position now. This is going to give us full access into our bed, allow us to use our bed to its maximum potential. Flipping it out is as easy as pulling the two pinning clips, there's one located on each side, and lifting on it and allowing it to rest right down on to the rubber stoppers here on either side.As you can see the headache rack here extends well-over the cab.

It won't block your visibility of the break light. And there's very minimal blockage out of your rear glass. The headache bar is adjustable. As you can see we've got it set in a inaudible 00:01:01 position. We've got the silver spacer here as well as a little of the extra steel here.

What we could do is remover the spacer and place it on top for the medium height, or for the lowest height we would this arm flip it over a 180 degrees, place it down, put the spacer on top and then, the bolt through it.The crossbar has plates welded into the bend here in the tube. That helps to gives us extra strength and durability. There are two low stops on our crossbar. They're held in place with a standard bolt. These are adjustable.

There's two different holes here that we can use to custom fit it to better secure our load.Our crossbar here at the rear has full adjustability to move in and out which helps to accommodate a lot of different bed widths. Just like here at the front. Each side of the arm that comes out and makes the connection into the side rail, it's fully adjustable simply by loosening the four bolts. We can slide this in on both sides to accommodate a width thats not much wider than what the headache rack itself is.The rack system is going to come with four heavy-duty clamps. We position two of these on each side rail of the kit to give us a good firm hold onto our vehicle.Installation of the flip rack is very simple you first take your side rails, add the foam pads to the underside, place them onto your vehicle and then, tighten the two clamps down just hand tight initially.

After that we bring in our headache rack. We bring our adjustable arms out to meet the pocket here on the side with both of them threaded in to begin, we'll tighten our bolts down. With that in place we'll come in the side, we'll tighten up our four bolts that are in a key part width locked in place so that wont move on us.We can then move here to the rear. The rear, we're first going to take our crossbar arms, we'll place them in using a bolt the rubber washer, our main tube, another rubber washer or spacer and the nylon lock nut. Once we have that done on both sides we'll then come to our crossbar. It's a neat setup because it will slide in to be very narrow once we have it in position we'll then slide it back out and it's as easy as adding in just the single bolt here at the end into the already threaded end of that crossbar.Once we have everything loosely put into place we're gong to go through and begin tightening everything down. We'll start with our clamps.Tighten the four of those down. Tighten up our headache rack bolt. If we haven't already, we'll tighten up the spacer bolts here and then we'll tighten our pivot-point here up. This isn't a bolt you want to tighten all the way down, as it is a pivot-point. We'll then come to the top and finally tighten the bolt that's in the end of our crossbar, and just like that we're ready to load it up with some gear.The flip rack offers rugged steel construction with a rust resistant black power coat finish. It offers an easy clamp on installation that requires no drilling or permanent mounting. Fits trucks with a minimum bed width of 51 and 3/4 of an inch, and offers a 500 pound weight capacity. Also comes with a one year limited warranty. Now, let's load up some gear and show you what it looks like in action.That will complete today's look at the Detail K2 Flip Rack, fold down ladder rack with a 500 pound weight capacity. Part number K2 TFR150. .

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