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Demco Straight Safety Cables Review

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Review of the Demco Straight Safety Cables

Hello neighbors, it's Brad here at etrailer. And today we are taking a look at the Demco safety cables. Now our tow bar that we have here has definitely seen a lot of miles, but it still works well. We just have our cables kind of worn out. So you can see that our vinyl coating has been peeling back. And even as I grab here, I just poked myself in the hand because this is frayed wiring.

So to prevent that from happening again or even if we have our springs kind of worn out, we can just replace these safety cables and bring our tow bar back to life. Now this is gonna be a direct replacement for your Demco tow bars as well as your etrailer tow bars. And they're rated at 14,000 pounds which is more than enough. In fact, that's gonna be stronger than the tow bar itself. They're gonna be a direct replacement, so nice and easy to change them out.

Let's show you how to do that now. Now we've already gone ahead and replaced one of our safety cables but I'm gonna show you how to do one on yours. Now, you'll probably see that this is getting replaced this bit of frayed wire here. That is a great way to poke yourself and it's not gonna feel very good so you might as well just replace this. And that's the thing with tow bars is you're able to replace a lot of the parts to kind of give it a fresh new life and keep it going for a long time.

So to get this one off, we're gonna go ahead with an Allan Key here and we're gonna take off our brackets. We'll loosen these up. Now your Demco and etrailer tow bars are gonna be a similar bracket here and sometimes just being tight for a long time can cause these to kind of pinch up. So just prying these away. I'm just using a trim panel tool, flat head will work all the same.

So we can go ahead, slide these down, being careful of those frayed edges and we should be able to just kind of pop this off. Now with our new cable, we'll go ahead and on the braided portion here it's gonna make it a little bit easier to slide this on. We'll go ahead and get our brackets in place and then we'll just align it with our tow bar. And we'll just take our brackets, push them back in place and kind of hear it snap in. And then we're just gonna go ahead and tighten them back down. You don't need to over-tighten here, you don't wanna strip that out. so just gonna give it a quick quarter turn here with the short end. And with those brackets tightened in place, we've gone ahead and not only made sure that we don't have any frayed cables that are gonna poke our fingers but we've extended the life of our tow bar..

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