Demco Recon 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch Review

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Review of the Demco Recon 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch

Speaker 1: Today we're going to be taking a look at the Demco recon 5th wheel trailer hitch, this is for above bed rails and offers a 21,000 pound capacity, part number is DM-8550043. The recon 5th wheel from Demco is designed to make your hauling a lot easier, and also a lot quieter.Basically we have a light weight design, that's something I like about this one as compared to a lot of the other 5th wheels you're gonna see out there on the market. Got a pin here we can remove and we can take this out of the truck in two pieces, so really only gonna need one guy.Now a lot of the other traditional style 5th wheels, it's usually a two man job to get everything in place. And when it comes to weight capacities the hitch offers a vertical load limit of 5,250 pounds, so that's gonna be the maximum weight we can have pressing downward on our head, and our gross trailer weight rating, which is gonna be the weight of our trailer and anything we might load up in it, that's gonna be 21,000 pounds.Of course you do want to keep in mind you don't want to exceed the capacity of your vehicle, so whatever your trucks rated for, or whatever the hitch is rated for, which ever one is lower that's the ones you want to use.To make it quieter they use polyurethane brushings, we've got one on the head here so we don't have to deal with that noise as we're going down the road, and also on that side to side pivot, so we get a really nice quiet operating system you'll see that in the reviews.Also to add to that ease of use, not only is it easy to get it in and out of the truck, but it's easy to connect to your camper. It's gonna pivot left and right, and forward and back. So if your camper's on a little bit of an angle, with traditional style 5th wheels it was kinda hard to get those connected, you had to get everything level just so it would slide in just right.

This head's gonna pivot a little bit, it's gonna give you a little bit of leeway there so as you're making your connection, it's straight and easy.So when the time comes you need to attach your camper to the 5th wheel you're gonna pull your pin here, and then pull all the way out on this arm, 'cause that's gonna lock in that position, just gonna use a mock king pin, you can see as that comes up and slides in, that's automatically gonna go back into place, and at that point we just have to slide our pin back in here and after we get the rest of our connections made we're gonna be ready to travel.Adding to that ride quality, the jaws really help out, of course that's gonna secure the camper to the vehicle. You notice as we try to move this there's not a lot of play there, it gives you a very nice tight fit, that's gonna prevent a lot of that noise and a lot of that motion that you feel being transferred into your truck while driving. All in all it's a really nice solid system, we pull this out of here you can take a look at those dual jaws, they get 360 degrees of contact. So they make contact all the way around the king pin, rather than the old bar type or something that would slide in behind it, or maybe just make contact on half of it, those tend to wear out a lot quicker than set ups such as this.Now when it's time to unhook from your camper, your gonna want to remove the pin again, and then to separate it we wanna pull it back out in that fully unlocked position, as our camper comes out, you can see those jaws are gonna close back up behind it. Here we can see that 360 degrees of contact, now that's three quarters of an inch wide, which is gonna be great, it's gonna get in there really get good hold of that.

Course with our pin in position over here we've got that locked so we don't have to worry about any kind of disconnection.You'll also notice that the finish on the recon is different than what we see out of a lot of 5th wheels, has more of a hammered or textured finish, that's gonna hide scratches a whole lot better than the standard glossy powdered coat finish that we see, and it should stand up for a good long time, not gonna have to worry about rust and corrosion.You'll also see the nice unique base, it's more of an angled bracket than what we see, plenty of gussets in here to give it all the support it needs, but it just gives it a nice unique look, and takes up a little bit smaller spacing by a little bit less room than what we see out of some of the other 5th wheels.Course just like all 5th wheels, we're gonna secure that to our base rails using the provided pins and clips, but we do have locks available if you want to exchange those out for a set of locks to keep it locked in, those are readily available on our website.Also gonna have an indicator here letting us know which way to get this installed so you want this facing the cab as we do our installation. Now overall in my opinion the fit and finish is really nice, all your welds have been cleaned up really well, they seem to have good penetration, looks like they did a really good job making sure everything was nice and neat, so it's gonna look good.Like all 5th wheels out there on the market our head height is adjustable, we can have this from the top of our bed at 15 and a half, 17 and a quarter, or at 18 inches, so it's gonna allow you a good amount of adjustment room. Having that adjustability is gonna be a big benefit to you, not only can help to insure that your camper is riding nice and level, but as the sides of trucks get higher and higher the bed rails on them get higher and higher, we need some additional clearance to make sure our camper doesn't make contact with those.One thing to keep in mind, this is compatible with just about any base rail style kit just like this, so your B and W, Demco, Kirk, Draw-tite, Husky, Reese, Valley, Hidden Hitch, this is going to be a direct fit for. The thing you want to avoid would be a 5th wheel adapter plate, so basically you'd have a gooseneck in your truck you got an adapter that will fit down in there, and then you attach your 5th wheel, we're not allowed to use those.With that being said this will work with any of the pivoting style pin boxes, so like your Reese side winder, your Reese 5th airborne, as long as you're using a wedge here, works without any issue.As we've said the recon gets really good reviews from customers, it's kinda like Jess A. said, "It installed quickly in my pickup and I hooked it to the 5th wheel and moved it forward and back.

Seems to work well, takes all the slop out of the hitch, the hitch seems to be well constructed and the double latch is what I was looking for." After a year he said, "I love the hitch, it is positive locking and there is no movement when it is latched around the pin."That's gonna complete our look at the Demco recon 5th wheel trailer hitch part number DM-8550043.

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