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Demco Flat Plate Mount eZ-Latch Trailer Couple Review

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Review of the Demco Flat Plate Mount eZ-Latch Trailer Couple

What's up everybody, Adam here with etrailer. Today we're gonna be taking a look at the Demco EZ Latch Trailer Coupler. What really sets this one apart from all the other ones that you have on your site, is this top little latch, that's the EZ Latch. And what that's gonna do, It's gonna make hooking up nice and simple. So what happens here is once we're lowering our trailer onto our ball, we don't really have to put this latch up at all With all the traditional type couplers, you have to have it up like this. It drops down and once it drops down you have to come out and go like that with this it makes everything nice and easy.

So you can get on the road a little bit quicker. We're gonna have a steel construction, and it does have a nice little coating to it. You can kinda see it's not really just straight steel. It does have a zinc coating. So it has a 200 hour spray blast rating.

So salt's not gonna really get to it. And of course, salt's not going to get to the EZ Latch which is made of plastic, but it's a really hard plastic. We see these on a lot of trailers here. I like them because when I'm hooking stuff up and it's cold or rainy out, it's a lot quicker, and I like that a lot. When it comes to capacity, this things gonna have a 21,000 pound gross trailer rating.

So you want to match it up with whatever trailer and equipment that you're hauling. 21,000 is a lot, I mean, we can use this skid trailer or we can use it for a tractor or whatever. This isn't really gonna limit us, which is always a plus. Well you do wanna make sure that you're using the right ball. So this one's going to use a 2 and 5/16th inch ball.

If you don't have 'em, we have a bunch here at etrailer. Let's see exactly how far this is gonna stick out from our flat plate on our trailer. So this is gonna be the distance between your trailer and the ball. So let's go from the plate all the way to the very farthest edge, it's about nine inches. And to the center of the ball, it's about eight inches. Notice this little hole right here. It's a small little hole, about three eights of an inch in diameter, and it's gonna be about three inches thick. So that's what you're gonna need to pick the right pin, because we're gonna wanna put a pin through here once we get it all hooked up and it does not come with the kit. So definitely grab one of those on our website. All in all just make sure it's gonna work with your trailer. Make sure you're not limiting yourself. If you are planning on carrying stuff, that's a little heavier than 21,000 pounds. Then this one's probably not gonna be beefing up for you, but anything else that's smaller than this. You can always go bigger than what you plan on using it for and it'll still work. First things first, we wanna remove whatever we had in place before, or if this is a brand new trailer, we just need to put it in the right spot. So I'm just gonna match up to where we we're before. One thing you need to kind of check, the distance from center to center of these two, and these two, it's gonna be about four and a half inches. So you wanna make sure that it is gonna work with your trailer. We are gonna have to get our own hardware, so run to the hardware store. The hole for this coupler has a diameter of three quarters of an inch, so pair it up with that. We don't want anything smaller than that because it'll be a little too loose. And then of course we don't want anything bigger than that 'cause it won't fit. So put all that in. Hopefully once we've put all these in, it should wanna stay up on its own. And now what I'm doing for the backside, is you wanna put a lock washer on there and then a nut. And then once we get this kinda threaded on and started, I'm gonna kind of snug everything down. And then I'm gonna come in here with a wrench and socket to completely tighten it down or we wanna kinda go in a star shape and then torque it down nice and tight. We just wanna make sure that this whole plate's gonna suck up to this plate nice and even, so just be mindful of that and go from one bolt to the other whenever you tighten it down. And that'll do it for a look at the Demco EZ Latch Trailer Coupler..

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