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DeeZee Trucks and Trailers Universal Utility Mat Review

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Review of the DeeZee Trucks and Trailers Universal Utility Mat

Hi everyone. It's Eve Angeline here at etrailer. And today we are looking at our Deezee Universal Utility Mat for trucks and trailers here at etrailer. So this is a heavy duty utility mat for your truck bed or for your trailer. This is gonna be very useful for you if you are gonna be carrying around your lumber, your tools, all of your heavy duty items, and you want to protect your truck bed and make sure or try to prevent it getting scratched up kind of like what we already have done. This is a universal utility mat and this is gonna be eight feet long by four feet wide.

Ideal for your longer truck beds. Kinda like what we have here on our Ford F250. This is gonna be a rubber mat so if you need a non-skid application, if you're putting your totes, your containers on here, and you don't want them sliding around. This is what you roll out really quickly. So there's different options for your trucks when it comes to protecting your truck bed.

Some of my friends like to get plastic liners installed, you know, the custom fit ones that are molded around the wheel wells. This one is not like that. It's a rubber mat that you just unroll. So it has its pros and cons. So on one side, it's really quick.

It's really easy. And it's non-skid compared to a plastic liner. On the other hand, it's not custom fit. So you're gonna have to be creative with your application. Sitting out here in the side I can tell you that this mat is hot.

It heats up really quickly. So that's something you're gonna have to remember, especially if you're gonna have plastic totes sitting on top of it. If you are worried of that possibly melting or warping, you may need to put even another layer between them just so that heat doesn't transfer as quickly. After using this mat, you may notice that there's gonna be some footprints or shoe prints or any of the dirt or gravel you may be carrying around, might stick to the mat itself. So when you do need to clean it, you just gonna have to hose it off with soap and water. Now sweeping it might not be the best option because of that grip as well as that non-skid material. So it's ideal to use water and soap. Now since it is highly compressed rubber. That rubber is strong. It is durable. So if you are carrying around other liquids like fuel and oil, even if you spill it, that's gonna be fine. And with it's universally design you also get versatility. If you want, you can take it off of your truck bed and put it in your garage or on your floor. That's gonna help protect the floor from the oil or from spills from liquids, as well as provide an extra cushion for you and your back. The process is really quick, really simple. You just roll it up, lay it out. And when he went to put it back into your truck bed you do the exact same thing. So let's take a look at that process. So for the install, what you just need to do is unroll your mat. So make sure it is at the end of your truck bed, have the nibs facing down. And then unroll it towards your tailgate. Now as a universal mat, you're gonna have to maybe move it around just to find the best spot in your truck bed. But I found was the best configuration was to have it laying down just like this. Again, the bumpy part is on the bottom and your track-looking portion's on the top, and you have the Skid Gard logo facing your tailgate. You're gonna have a three eighth inch thick rubber liner, and underneath are gonna be some rubber cleats. So those cleats are gonna provide the anti skid effect on your truck bed, but they also allow water drainage. So when it does rain down, they just flow out towards your tailgate. The mat will not only protect whatever you're carrying on your truck bed, but it will also protect your truck bed itself. So this is gonna be a cushion just to prevent those extra scratches, dings, and dents from whatever cargo you're carrying around. If you've noticed our truck bed is already beat up, so you can imagine how good this would be or how much better it would have been if we had this from the very beginning. So we like to test out our products here at etrailer. I've had this sitting out in our truck all day long and it's been working out great because the biggest thing you're gonna have to work against is the UV rays from the sun. When you have got extreme temperatures, you're gonna worry about your rubber mats cracking or tearing. So far, it looks really good. You can tell it's heavy duty, strong and resistant. I don't see any cracks so far. It's also UV resistant. So even if you have it out here for years, it's gonna prevent it from fading. So you have different size options depending on the length of your truck bed. So what we have here is eight by four feet long since we have a long bed truck. Now, if you have a short bed, you also have the option of six by three and a half feet. Also, depending on your truck bed, you can also trim these mats to fit. In case you have extra large wheel wells, or if you have a toolbox inside your truck bed. So my final thoughts about this utility mat is that it does work for, if you need to work inside your truck bed, if you wanna protect it from getting scuffed and damage or dinged up. Now, I do still recommend maybe getting a custom fit plastic liner if you're gonna use this for long-term applications, or if you need something that is not as grippy. So it really depends on what you're using this for. If you wanna put it on your garage floor, I definitely see this being very useful and then being in your truck bed or in your trailer every now and then. So all in all, it works well as a rubber mat, it does get hot, but again, it is up to you to find the best application for your needs. And that was a look here at our Deezee Universal Utility Mat for trucks and trailers here at etrailer. My name is Eve Angelina, and I hope you enjoy the journey..

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