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DeeZee Toolbox Review - 2005 Ford F-150

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Review of the DeeZee Toolbox on a 2005 Ford F-150

Today our 2005 F150 Super Cab, we will be doing a test for the DeeZee red label low profile truck bed tool box. That's part number DZ8170L. Its also available in black, part number DZ8170LB. So, the dimensions of this low profile toolbox is going to be 69 and 3/4 inches long by 20 inches wide by 12 and 3/8 inches tall. That's going to be of usable space inside the toolbox. So to begin our test fit, you can see I've already got it in the back of my truck bed here. Its not a bad idea to get an extra set of hands to lift it onto your rails, or even into the back of your truck here.

Its pretty light weight so I can do it myself, but if you fell the need to get some help its not a bad idea. So we will just pick it up, set it on our rails. Next thing we want to do is push it all the way up against the cab of the truck here. Just like that. All right, now we want to make sure we have an even space between our tool box and our truck bed rail on both sides.

So, go ahead and take a tape measure to that. It looks like we are going to be looking for about an inch on both sides. It might be a bit much, let go ahead and bring that back. All right, that looks pretty good. Alright, let's go ahead and open it up and inside we have got these J hooks. Now what these are going to do is that they are going to go underneath the side of our truck bed rail here and keep the toolbox down.

So you won't need to drill any holes in your side rails which is a major plus I think. So I have got a hole here already drilled out to go through, up under through the toolbox here, excuse me. The hook is going to grab underneath our side rail like I mentioned. So once we got that snug there . my hand is holding it up underneath the side.

We can go ahead and put our large washer down . our lock washer . and then our nut. Want to make sure to tighten that down. No reason to over tighten them on both sides. When they are both in place they will do their job and keep the toolbox from moving around. Once you've got it properly tightened down, just grab the rubber top and put that over and that's going to keep from damaging our lid when closed up. So, with that being done you want to make sure to do the other side. Then you can close your toolbox up. Its got a lock on one side, two latches. So you can easily open it up. Another nice thing that I can point out is that its got a low profile design so you are able to put plenty of items or materials or anything you might need to slide on the back of your truck underneath. So we got plenty of room there. You still got plenty of space so you see out your rear mirror as well. So with that being said, that's going to complete our test fit of the DeeZee red label low profile truck bed tool box on our 2005 F150 Super Cab. .

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