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DeeZee Specialty Series Underbody Toolbox Review

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Review of the DeeZee Specialty Series Underbody Toolbox

Today, we're going to show you part number DZDB-2602. This is the DZ Specialty Series Under-body toolbox. This is what the under-body toolbox looks like in a typical application. This box isn't really designed for a specific make or model truck or even trailer for that matter. This is basically used in a lot of custom installs, pretty much like what we have here. First off, let's go ahead and cover the dimensions on it. Overall length will be about 48". Our height is going to be about 18".

Depth going in towards the inside is going to be 18". As you can see, it has a black powder-coat finish to it to help protect the 12-gauge steel that it's constructed from. Let's go ahead and check out he chrome-plated latch right here. Here's our lock and here's our handle. To operate the handle, pull up on it and twist and it opens up. We'll go ahead and open it up and take a look at the inside. You can see that on the door, it has an enclosure to protect the lock and all the connecting rods.

Chances are we're probably going to drag stuff in and out, and this will be protected. Also, it does come with 2 keys for the lock as well. One neat little feature about this is that it actually has a door seal that goes all the way around. It will keep most of the dirt, debris, water, and dust out of it when you're going down your road. We don't expect it to be waterproof considering the fact that you have to drill into it to mount it to whatever you're going to use it on. This will definitely keep down on anything getting in through the door. Like we stated before, this is designed to be a custom install, depending on your truck or trailer that you use it on.

However, if you have a vertical flat surface you can mount your box up against, you can also use part number DZDB-2502. These brackets do have the powder-coat finish as the toolbox, and basically, it's a simple angle iron design with a gusset right here. What's nice is that you can mount one side of the angle to a flat vertical surface, your box can install right here and bolt it to the bottom if you'd like or however you would like to install it. To give you an idea, let's go ahead and hold it up to our toolbox. In this case, I have suspension in the way, so I'd hang the box from the top, but if you had a nice surface to bolt against, you could just have this pre-installed, and then, you would just slide your box into place and then bolt it down as you'd like. A couple other notes. This the lengths on the angle is going to 18" x 18".

They do suggest four 3/8" bolts to hold your box in place. You do have to come up with your own hardware for your install. Since this is a custom install and it will vary from truck to truck, we'll go ahead and show you some ideas on how to put it in place and also how we attached ours. First off, you want to find a location for your box, and then with an extra set of hands, put it in a place that you like. Then, you can also use a jack like we have here with a piece of wood underneath to help push it up against the bottom of your truck or trailer. That will hold it in place. Make sure you have it tight enough or hold it but still maybe just loose enough where you can scoot it around just a little bit. Once we had it in place, we went ahead and opened the door and used some self-tapping screws to temporarily attach it and hold it to keep it from moving around as we drilled our holes. Let's go ahead and take a look inside. Here's one of our self-tapping screws. We used a screw that used 3/8" nut driver on it. It's substantial enough to keep it from moving around. We used one on each side of the box going up into existing crossmembers in the bed of our truck. After we had it secured and still supported, we went ahead and marked and drilled our holes for our larger hardware. The hardware use is basically overkill for this, but it worked out just fine. What we did was we ended using 7/16" hardware, and basically, you want to make sure the force is spread apart onto our box as much as possible. We had access to some large blocks to do that with but also some large flat fender washers probably would work too. Basically, the more surface area you can cover, the better off you are. We ended up using 6 attaching points just like this. With that, that will finish it for our review of part number DZDB-2602, the DZ Specialty Series Under-body Toolbox in steel. .

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