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DeeZee Rough Step Running Boards Review

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Review of the DeeZee Rough Step Running Boards

Hi there, hare workers. Today we're going to be taking a look at Deezee's Rough Step Running Boards. These are designed to be cab length and come with custom fit mounting brackets for your vehicle. You'll want to use our fit guide to ensure you're getting the correct mounting brackets for your vehicle. And here you can see our steps installed on a vehicle. And one of the first things you notice is how rough and rugged the whole top of the step is from one end all the way to the other.

Unlike other running boards or tube steps that have step pads on them at various locations, we're going to get our traction across the entire running board. And this is going to be ideal for your work trucks, where you have maybe roof racks or ladder racks that you're using and you need to step up on here to get some things off the roof. No matter where you step, you don't have to look for that step pad to get traction. You get it across the whole length here.And I like that it has any serrated edge type on top. This really digs into the rubber on the bottom of the sole of your shoe, ensuring that you get good traction in any type of weather.

It's a pretty snowy day out right now. You can see we've got some snow on the ground and no matter what you get on your feet, you're going to get good traction. And that snow's just going to fall off and fall through the cracks and melt away. And if some dirt and debris does get stuck behind, if we can always just go by and spray it off with a hose.And I like that it has that rough edge on it, and there's no step pad. It really feels like you can abuse these steps without causing any damage to them.

Because as you go in, I want to get all that dirt and mud off my shoes and the serrated edges do a great job of that. So I'm not tracking anything into the vehicle. And you can see that there's almost no snow that stayed on the running boards. Most of it just fell off and we're not taking any of that with us.And I'm a pretty big guy. I'm over six feet tall with size 13 shoe.

And I like to have a nice big step when I get out. Some of those smaller tube steps, my foot almost wants to roll off of those because they're so small. But we've got a seven inch wide step here and I can easily get my feet on there, step in and out with no problem. There's no discomfort on a small surface area pressing against the middle of my foot, trying to balance on it. None of that.So if you're looking to add an extra layer of safety getting in and out of your truck, this is definitely one of the best things to do, especially if you're at a work site where you've got muddy feet all the time. I highly recommend this step.Another thing that I like about these steps is that they're constructed of aluminum. That not only makes it lightweight, so we're not adding much to the payload on our truck, because we know some of you out there, you're going to be putting it up to the max. So we don't need heavy steel running boards adding to that. That also makes these easier to install, especially if you're doing it by yourself. Aluminum also doesn't rust, unlike steels and irons. So we don't have to worry about rust on these. But Deezee took it one step further using their no rest technology and put a black powder coat finish on it to further protect it against corrosion. I also like that the powder coat finish is a matte color, because it matches a lot of the plastic trim that you're going to find on your vehicles today.Included with your kit you'll receive two running boards, as well as all the hardware and mounting brackets you'll need to get them installed. And now when it comes to the way these running boards look, me personally, I don't think they're the most stylish, but if I was going to put a set on my work truck, this would be the set I would choose because it just feels like it's one of the strongest and I like having the extra traction and the ability to just clean my shoes off. They definitely feel like the most rugged and durable of all the sets that I've tried. So if you know you're going to be abusing these running boards, then I highly recommend this step for you.Now if you are looking for something that's a little more stylish and not quite as rugged, Deezee has oval tube steps that come in a six inch width. That gives you plenty of traction and area to step in and out of the vehicle, but they don't look so rugged and aggressive. They've got a more tame look to them. So with those, you're definitely going to get a more factory look, but with these, you're going to get more of a work truck, rugged type look.And that completes our look at Deezee's Rough Step Running Boards.

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