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Review of the DeeZee Invis-A-Rack Folding Ladder Rack

Today I'll be reviewing the Invis-a-Rak Folding Ladder Rack part number dz951600. This pop up, truck bed ladder rack lets you carry ladders, lumber, pipes and more. And it folds away easily when not in use. It also has specially designed accessories which are sold separately that will allow you to strap on a kayak, a canoe or hunting gear. The fold away design gives you a sleek look while allowing for easy access to your truck bed. The rack collapses and stores inside the built incase on the bed rails by simply pushing the pins in and folding it away.

This rack is perfect if you tow a fifth wheel or goose neck trailer because it folds out of the way so you don't have to remove it. It has two small storage boxes built into the center of each rail that allows you to keep bungee cords, tie down straps and small tools close at hand. The extruded aluminum construction is strong, lightweight and rust proof, while the textured, black powder coat finish offers extra protection and gives it a sleek yet rugged look. It's made in the USA, has a weight capacity of 500 pounds and comes with a lifetime limited warranty.Now that we've gone over some features and specs of the Invis-a-Rack Folding Ladder Rack, we'll show you how to open it up and some of its functions.We'll start with the front part of the ladder rack, closest to the cab of the vehicle. You'll notice on each end of the bungee box are cutout slots to allow you to pull of the mast of the ladder rack.

We'll pull out the first part of the mast and you will notice that it will not open up to a 90 degree. We'll push in the spring loaded button to allow the first part of the arm to come up. We'll then move over to the passenger side of the front part of the ladder rack and repeat the same process. We'll bring up the mast and swing out the arm. You'll then notice on the front drivers side part of the ladder rack there is a button the horizontal arm.

We'll push in the button to allow the extended piece to come out to secure our passenger side to the ladder rack. We'll now repeat these steps for the rear part of the ladder rack towards the tail gate. We'll go ahead and load up some gear and show you how it looks driving down the road.And that completes todays review of the Invis-a-Rak Folding Ladder Rack part number dz951600.

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