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Dahon MU D8 Folding Bike Review

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Review of the Dahon MU D8 Folding Bike

Hi everyone, it's Eve Angeline. Today we're gonna be taking a look at some pretty cool bicycles. These are the Dahon folding bicycles, especially the ones that are the Mu series. So we'll take a look at their features and what they're good for, right here at Bicycles come in different shapes and different sizes. You have large mountain bikes.

You have road bikes. You have folding bicycles. So the best bicycle for you is something that fits your specific needs and is fun to ride. So speaking of fun to ride, let's take a look at that. So that was a really fun ride on the trails at our local park, but it's not just for riding in the park.

This is also helpful. Let's say you have a really stressful public commute. You're in the city. You're worried about space. You need to get on buses or on subways or on trails.

That's where the folding bicycle really shines. Folding bikes are designed to be super compact. So notice how small our wheels are. These are 20-inch wheels. So that way they don't take up as much space.

Yes they're smaller than your regular bikes, but it makes up for it with the way everything's designed in terms of the gears and the hubs. So this is the Mu series, and you can tell by this signature arc frame. So notice how you have that nice curve over there, compared to some of their other options which are more straight, more traditional. This is nice and sleek. So if you're trying to figure out which bike is best for which type of needs, and you're not sure what kind of situation you're gonna be in, that's what the Mu is for. It's gonna be your versatile bike. So compared to the Mariner, the focus of that is gonna be cruising down the boardwalk since it has a special finish, or compared to the other option which has extra heavy duty weight capacity, this is gonna be your jack of all trades bike. So this has a weight capacity of 230 pounds, but it only weighs 25 pounds. So some other bikes unlike folding bikes, they have extra weight because of their hinges. This still weighs less than your traditional bike. What's gonna take some time but worth it is gonna be adjusting it to be the perfect fit for you. So there's a bunch of different adjustment points. You can adjust the handle bar tilt back and forth, adjust the handle bar height, adjust the seat post. In fact, the range for a rider's height is gonna be from four feet and four inches all the way to above six feet. When folding it up, note how we have an ideal folding height indicator. So just get those red dots lined up, and that will help you out. So that was a general look at how it looks, how it works, how much space it takes up. Let's take this back to etrailer to try out some different things, and show you what else it can do. So how quickly can you get your folding bike ready to ride Let's say you just got off of the bus, you just got off of the train, and now you're ready to hit the road. So first making sure that your cables are out of the whip. You're gonna flip this back apart. There we go. Bring this all the way out, then you're gonna connect that frame. So you have a hinge there. Make sure that fully goes back in, and then secure it. Now you have your handlebar. So let's pop this right up. Right there. Make sure it's facing the right way. Yes it is, and then secure it. There we go. And now final step is gonna be your pedals. So those just snap out. And your seat. Get it to the height that you need it to be. And just like that, you're ready to ride. For those of you with RVs that still want to have a bike for when you are at the campground, or just for a little bit of exercise, you know the struggle. You can't really store inside of your RV because it's hard to tie it down and keep it from sliding around. You also may have to get a bike rack, and there's different pros and cons with the bike rack in the back. Another option for you with a folding bike is that now you can store it inside of your basement. So we have the MORyde Cargo Slide here, and look, just like that we now have access to our folding bike. Once we get to the campground, we can grab this and go. So if you do have items in your basement, you're gonna wonder much space do you need to free up to fit your bicycle in there So here we have a cargo slide which is about 28 inches wide. So you're gonna need about 26 inches of width of space, and three feet of length. That's just a very general estimate so you have enough space for your bike and your bike bag. Here is our bike bag. This is another offering from Dahon, and it fits right into the saddle bag that goes onto your bike while riding. This wraps around your bike, it makes it easier to carry and to store. Now let's take a look at how easy this is to fold up and put away. You can put this in a variety of storage spaces and vehicles. For me personally this is my Prius V, and this makes it easy to carry around the bicycle. I can just store it in my trunk and go out and about. Especially since I don't have a hitch, this is very convenient. So let's do a comparison. We're gonna have a regular bike with a bike rack, and then we're gonna have our folding bike with a trunk. So let's do a little time test to see how the two compare. Are you ready DanLet's do it. Okay, let's start. I'm done. Dan I'm getting there. And he is done. So we we're able to check out our bikes here in our parking lot and with our different trailers. Now let's head back to the park. So we're back at the park and let's talk a about what it was like living with this bike. So you can see how compact it is when it's folded up. You saw how easy it was to store in the trunk, in the hatch, in different areas. But how about if you're trying to get onto the bus or onto the subway, where do you hold onto your bike So you can do what I did, and you can just hold it up by the frame. Again, this is just a little over 20 pounds. So keep that in mind as you're walking around. And if that's a little unwieldy for you, you need to lift it up and above, you can also hold it by the seat post. That seems to be like a really strong and sturdy location. You also have different color options for the Mu series. So you can see how that one white, this one is black, but they work the exact same way no matter what color you choose. It's just up to you with your preference. You also have some different options when it comes to the speeds. So I have the Mu D8, which is the 8-speed bike, but you can get it ranging from six speeds all the way to 11 speeds. Since these are smaller and more compact, you might wonder how does that work with riding speed So notice how you have oversized chains, or smaller rear cogs. So they design their bikes like that so that you can still have the speed of a regular bicycle. So my personal thoughts about the Dahon Mu folding bikes is they're a lot of fun. I really liked how easy they we're to compact, how easy they we're to store. Again, it's a different style of bicycle. It's a different lifestyle as well. You're definitely riding more upright compared to a mountain bike, which can be helpful when you're in the city and you need that full range of view. So definitely think about what type of situations you're in, and that way you can find the best bike to match. Hopefully this video helped you out with that decision making process though, that way you can get the best bicycle for your adventures. And that was a look at our Dahon Mu folding bicycle series right here at etrailer. My name's Eve Angeline, and I hope you enjoyed the journey..

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