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Dahon K-One Plus Folding Electric Bike Review

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Review of the Dahon K-One Plus Folding Electric Bike

Hi everyone. It's Evangeline here at etrailer and today we'll be taking look at our K-One Plus folding electric bicycle from Dahon right here at So there's regular bicycles and then there's folding bicycles. It's a completely different world where your bicycles are a bit more compact, more lightweight, more portable. You have your different pros and cons with these types of bicycles. We'll go over that over here, later on in this video.

But what we're looking at right now is the K-One PLus. So this has a mid drive motor giving you an assist on the road as you hit the trails. I don't know if you've noticed but we're not at right now. We actually took our bikes over to an RV park. So we explored the area, checked out the different RVs hit the bike trail, just to see what is it like living with a folding electric bicycle.

So let's start that fun journey. So we've just arrived at the RV park and we're ready to hit the trails. So if you open up the hatch ta-da! You can see how I have a folding bicycle. So I'm going to just grab this bicycle, lift it out of my hatch and drop it down and unfold it. So everything is folded down nice and compact.

My pedals are folded down. My handlebar are down. My seat post is down. So we're going to start by unfolding this frame, making sure that the brake cables don't get caught up. There we go.

And then secure it with this clamp. Let's see, there we go. And secure the clamp with that tab. We're going to put down this kickstand to support our frame. As you get our handlebars let's have that facing the right way, there it is. So bring this clamp up. There's a lot of pressure there. All right, come on, let's secure that, right there. That's how you know it's not secured. There we go. Nice and there we go. Those are the pedals. And finally, the seat post is going to go up to my ideal riding height. This goes up and then that secures it. And final step, is don't forget to wear your helmet every time you go for a ride. Which I'm about to do right now, just get up on the bike, turn on our monitor and hit the road. The K-One PLus was the second bike I rode around the RV park and I definitely felt the difference in terms of speed. As I started pedaling and I went off with the pedal assist, I felt like I shot forward and I easily reached 15 miles per hour without putting any effort into it. Once I did reach 15 miles though, it felt like I had to pedal a little bit more to maintain that speed. So it kind of stopped me at that point but definitely a very speedy and fun ride. The K-One PLus is the premium electric bike option. So what is improved with this bike to make it that way So let's take a look at the different specs, the highlights of the bike that make it different from the other. So this uses a mid drive motor and that means it's different from a hub motor. The hub motors are usually located in the rear hub. This one is located in the middle of your bicycle and this is what powers your rear assembly. So this gives you a bit more power. Meaning if you need to go up hills you need to go up steep inclines may. Maybe you're on a rocky trail this is what's going to get you over it. The bike itself weighs 43 pounds but it does have a weight pass of 230 pounds. What's helping out with that, is this belt tech cable over here. So see how this works as a support beam for your bike. But since it's also a cable you can still fold it up, Here by your seat post and this is a telescoping seat post. You have a dust cap covering your charging port. So you can charge it up and when you're done put a dust cap in place to keep the grim out. Also hidden underneath your saddle is your power button. So press this to turn your bike on or off with the bike on you can then access your monitor. So there's going to be a power button here. So just hold that power button down and you can now see how much charge you have how fast you're going, as well as how much assist you want. You also have a torque sensor though so that's going to help you out figure how much assist you actually need as you ride along. This has an eight speed trigger shifter. So just use your thumbs to cycle through the speeds as you go up and down. A big question with folding bicycles is how secure are the clamps Will they pop out if I like hit a bump as I go on the trail So let's take a look at that. I personally think they're really secure, really durable but let's see why. So we're going to have these tabs on our clamps. That's going to keep everything secure. We have this strong clamp here. So rather than relying on you to adjust it, this just pops into place and that secures it. You also have adjustment points throughout the bike. So you have an adjust point with a secured knob right over there for your handlebar post. And then you have telescoping handlebar, telescoping seats and you can also adjust the angle of the handlebar with this clamp. So there's differences between folding bikes and regular bikes. And the main difference is just going to be how do you put them away and store them. So, what we're going to do today is I have a folding bike and my friend, John here. He's usually my videographer behind the camera but today he's going to be putting an electric bike on the bike rack. That's on his Foreigner while I fold this bike up and put it inside my car, and let's make this fun. What we'll do is we'll have a race to see who puts the bike away first and see the process and how that's different. You ready for this All right, let's start in 3, 2, 1 Go! I'm going to start with that kickstand and the lower down that seat post. And then I'm going to bring this down and secure that, we have our pedals folded up. There we go. And then get this frame clamp thing, and fold that in. Okay just like that. That's all folded up. So we'll open this up and grab it by the frame. Bring it up, okay, try it again. Bring it up. And then into the vehicle. Lets roll that in. I'm almost there. I'm finding space. There we go. Oh! And that's done. So it took me a little bit more time. Cause I had to lift it up into my hatch. Is your bike locked yetIt is not. Oh, okay. Well my bike is all locked up inside of my car. So that's going to be a big difference. Another thing is, you need a hitch and a bike rack to secure your bike. If I had no hitch or no bike rack, I can still carry my bike around. So there's differences right there. That was fun. Now how much space do you need to clear out in order to store this up in and away, we could store inside of the basement of an RV, but it may or may not fit. So the dimensions here is going to be it's 17 inches wide and then it's going to be about 37 inches long. And then for your height, it's going to be 30 inches tall. So go make a and measurements inside your RV, basement your boat, your car for if that's going to fit here. Another option for you is since this is folded up it's going to make it easier just to lift this up and into your trailer and you don't have to maneuver a large bike around. So what's the difference between the K-One and the K-One Plus, you do have some difference when it comes to like the shifters, the speeds, the monitors, but for me it boils down to how much power does each bicycle have. So with the K-One Plus you get more speed. It's an an eight speed bike with a mid drive hub. So I definitely felt that give me more force as it went down the trails, the K-One did have a lot of strength as well but not as much as the K-One Plus. I still think this was a really strong and durable ride. Very comfortable overall, if you need more force, you're going up hills, definitely go with a K-One Plus, if you're just looking for a casual electric folding bike the K-One has everything you need. And that was a look right here at our Dohan K-One PLus folding electric bicycle here at etrailer. My name is Evangeline and I hope you enjoyed the journey..

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