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CycleOps Graber Mag Bike Trainer Review

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Review of the CycleOps Graber Mag Bike Trainer

Today we'll be taking a look at the Graber Mag Bike Trainer, Part Number CY1030. With five levels of resistance, the Graber Mag Bike Trainer is the perfect solution to help all levels of riders stay fit. The knob down here adjusts the magnetic resistance within the fly wheel. Now I'm going to go over some of the features and go ahead and show you how to get your bike installed on the trainer. We've already got our included skewer mounted on the bike and fixed up with the release on the left side, opposite the drive train. Let's go ahead and grab our bike and set it in place.

This is adjustable to fit your bike. It's also compatible with bolt-on wheels. To get started, we're going to put this end of the skewer in first, right here, lift it, get it there to hold it in place and we'll start by screwing our knob on this side, making sure that the skewer goes inside there, just like that. We'll just keep on tightening until we get it nice and secure. There's no reason to over tighten.

Just about got it. Then there we go. Now for our resistance wheel, let's go ahead and tighten it up down here until it makes contact with our tire. As soon as it touches, we're going to give it an additional two-and-a-half turns and then we know it's right. That's half, then one, another half, then two and then one more half. The Graber Mag also features a limited lifetime warranty.

That's complete our look at the Graber Mag bike trainer. It's part number CY1030.

Jade W.


Our bike has 26 wheels, but the resistance roller does not touch the tires.

Etrailer Expert

Chris R.


Have you used the adjustment knob on the roller to push it forward as far as it can go? A 26" wheel is the smallest size it will work with, but it should definitely still be compatible. Please let me know if it's adjusted all the way and we can go from there.