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Custer 6-LED Boat Navigation Light Review

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Review of the Custer 6-LED Boat Navigation Light

Hey everyone, Shane here with Today, we're going to be taking a look at the Custer LED navigation lights. These are going to come single, green for your starboard side. Red, you can pick up here at etrailer, for your port side. Each one is going to have six LEDs. So they're going to be very visible at night. Black plastic housing is going to be very durable.

It's going to be a two wire pigtail light. So it's only going to require power and ground. This is going to be a surface mount light and you can see right here a lens is not only on top but it comes all the way down on the front. So anybody coming from either side is going to be able to see our green light. If we can kind of compare it to the old one, and you see this side is covered.

So it's set like this. Anybody that may be coming straight at us or a little bit on our port side, may not be able to see this light as well because it's covered. So again, with this one we'll get plenty of visibility from any oncoming boats. There'll be all to see us here at the front. Now that we've gone over some of the features, walk you through how to get it installed.

Start our installation, we need to remove our old light. Once you get it disconnected or dismounted from the floor, where it's connected is going to be right underneath. Once you get it disconnected, pull your old light out. We're going to take our new one. We'll feed our new wires down just like that.

May have to strip back the ends just a little bit and you can use wire nuts if you want. What I suggest doing is putting heat shrink butt connectors on them. You don't have any, you can find some in etrailer because these are going to be exposed a lot of water spray. Wanna make sure that those connections don't corrode. Green wire is going to be your power. White is going to be a ground. So you need to determine, which one of the wires that you disconnected is your power. This one here, it goes back to a gray striped wire. So that's going to be our power. And this one here. And, of course, we'll do the same thing with that brown wire. Before we monitor it to the floor, Wanna make sure you test it, make sure it's working. Now that we know it's working, we can mine our light to the floor and then move on to the opposite side. Mount the light, remove this top screw. It's going to pull off the cover. Now, since this is wood, I'm using flat wood screws. We're going to go right in this back corner. Make sure it's mounted, reinstall the cap. It's going to do it for a look at the Custer navigation lights..

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