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Curt Hitch Ball with 1 inch Rise Review

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Review of the Curt Hitch Ball with 1 inch Rise

What's up, everybody Adam here with etrailer. Today, we have a Curt trailer ball. So this one is gonna be a two and five sixteenths inch ball. So we wanna match that up with your coupler. Typically, it's gonna say it on the coupler. If it's an older coupler, it might be kind of wared away.

Just make sure you pair it up with the right size for your trailer. This one's gonna have a 25,000 pound capacity, so whenever you do figure out what size of coupler it is, match it up with that. You do want to make sure all the other components are going to be that strong, as well. You just want to make sure you're not really limiting your setup just with one weak component. So I can have two big, beefy components, but if I have a trailer ball that can only handle half, that's the limitations of the whole setup.

So just be mindful of that whenever you're picking out your set up. One thing that really sets this apart from most of the trailer balls that we have on our website, usually, there's not a whole lot of things that differentiate 'em, but this one actually has a inch rise to it. So what that means is this ball mount is a four inch drop. And now with this, it's actually only a three inch drop. It's actually a four inch rise in the other position, but with this on the other side, it's gonna make that into a five inch rise.

Why would you want that Well, there's a couple of situations. Let's just say you get a new trailer and it's not necessarily exactly how you want it. It's not that level. And you just need a little bit, but you like your ball mount and you don't really want to have to buy that. Typically, the trailer balls are a little bit more cost-effective.

They're not as expensive as the actual ball mount, so you don't have to buy a whole new ball mount. You just need to swap out the ball. So if you're like me and you really want to get your set up perfect so it's smooth and everything like that, this is just really gonna help you dial it in. One thing I do like about this compared to a lot of the other trailer balls on our website, this one is actually machined out of one piece of metal. So they take a CNC machine, it's a big block of metal, and they sit there and go and make this cool shape. So you know it's gonna be extra, extra strong. It's heat treated and stainless steel, so it is gonna last quite a long time. Another thing that's nice about this is notice that the threads are pretty close together. So that's just going to be nice whenever you're torquing it down, what you need to have it torqued down to 450 foot pounds. So make sure to get a torque wrench and a big old wrench to be able to torque all that down. But since the threads are so close together, it's gonna give you an extra tight fit. And you really want to do that, especially since this ball can handle so much weight. So definitely do that. Whenever it comes down to the shank, the shank length is gonna be about two and five eighths of an inch long. So it's gonna work with ball mounts that have this little plate here. Anywhere from three eighths thick and up. So you want to make sure to pair it up. Nothing thinner, just because it's not gonna be that strong. We really don't want to do that. But other than that, I guess the last thing you really need to do is just make sure that the hole, the shank diameter, is about an inch and a quarter. So you want to make sure that the hole of the ball mount is that size. I don't like, obviously if the hole was smaller, it wouldn't fit, but I really don't like putting a ball that has a shank smaller than the hole on the ball mount. It's just not good. You wanna make it nice and tight, so like this doesn't have hardly any play, 'cause this thing can handle a lot of weight. We really don't want to limit ourselves just by piecing together the wrong parts. So let's take all this information together and just make sure you get it all paired up so you have all the right components so you can be on your way. That's pretty much it for our look at the Curt trailer ball..

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